Miley Cyrus Just Tried This ‘90s Hair Trend—Would You?

It’s the hottest color of the season

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Whether you've colored your entire head in every possible shade of the rainbow or you're nervous about trying box dye for the first time, the hair trend of the season offers the option to rock a bold look without the full commitment. Enter: the reverse money piece. While a regular money piece is '90s-inspired blonde face-framing highlights, this evolved rendition is doing the complete opposite and making things a bit more subtle for the season. So, if you're looking to change things up this summer, we tapped a celebrity hairstylist to teach us how to recreate the latest trend: reverse money piece.

Meet the Expert:

Alex Brownsell is a celebrity colorist based in the U.K. She’s also co-founder of Bleach London, a hair dye and bleach company. Her clients include Iris Law, FKA Twigs and Florence Welch.

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What Is a Reverse Money Piece?

The reverse money piece follows the same technique as its predecessor, focusing on coloring a small section closest to your hairline—whether it’s your curtain bangs or long pieces you've pulled out while you're rocking a high ponytail. However, the latest trend opts for darker tendrils framing the face and a blonde base (or a bolder color) for the rest of the hair.

Yes, it has the same effect of adding dimension and depth like regular money pieces, but it adds deeper tones that makes things a bit more subtle and edgier. You can even go a bit further by adding more chunky highlights throughout your hair that mirrors some of our '90s and early '00s faves like Ginger Spice, Kelly Clarkson or girl group Atomic Kitten.

Why Is This Trend So Popular?

“This is a great, low-maintenance way to create a bold look. If you want to add a little rebellious streak to your look, the reverse money piece is a great way to do it without too much fuss,” explains Brownsell. “We're seeing this trend globally. It’s a way to be edgier without crazy colors, so I think it resonates across markets.” 

Leave it up to Gen Z to bring back a ‘90s favorite. Plus, the season trends are pointing to warmer, and in some cases darker, colors. Just look at the hottest colors of summer 2023 like warm sunset red, dark honey and cool brunette. We’ve also seen a surge of reverse money pieces on TikTok (not surprising), and let’s not forget celebs like Miley Cryus and Bella Hadid who’ve been teasing the ‘do for quite a while.

OK, What’s the Difference Between a Reverse Money Piece and a Reverse Balayage?

The main difference between a reverse money piece and a reverse balayage is color placement. The money piece focuses on the sections near the hairline while the balayage uses a mix of low and highlights throughout the hair. The reverse component is pretty much the same for both techniques aka applying darker shades to these specific areas for depth and definition. Another distinguishing factor is the reverse balayage tends to take more time and precision, so it’s highly recommended to get it done by a professional at a salon versus a reverse money piece can be achieved at the salon and at home.

How Do You Recreate the Reverse Money Piece?

If you’re heading to the salon, a reference picture can be super helpful for your stylist and luckily, we have you covered (just show your stylist this article). But if you’re attempting to try it right at home, Brownsell shares four simple steps you need to follow to try the trend: 

  1. Section your hair. Gather pieces along the hairline (about an inch of hair or more) and pin back the rest of your hair. (Psst, there’s also the option of doing the reverse reverse money piece that plays with color-blocking.) 
  2. Protect the blonde/lighter areas of your hair. Brownsell suggests applying a hair mask which will prevent the dark dye from bleeding into the lighter sections. 
  3. Apply the color of your choice onto the sections. “You want to ensure each section is fully saturated. Once you apply the color, comb through to make sure it’s evenly distributed throughout the hair,” she adds. 
  4. Leave it on for 30 minutes.Once the time is up, rinse out the color with lukewarm water and work on the rest of your hair care routine. 

How Can You Maintain the Reverse Money Piece?

It’s recommended to do a touch up every six to eight weeks or depending when you start seeing new hair growth coming in. You should also be using a color-safe shampoo, conditioner and a toner in your wash routine. These key products aim to maintain your color’s vibrance, increase hydration and strengthen your strands. As Brownsell notes, “this color will fade gradually each wash, so a helpful tip is mixing the hair color with a hair mask to strengthen, hydrate and nourish the hair.” 

So, are you ready to take the plunge? 

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