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Fact: Traveling can be harmful to your skin. For Rachel Lindsay, she swears by two simple products to maintain her glow, and you probably already have them in your beauty cabinet.

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The former Bachelorette, 34, recently sat down for an exclusive interview with PureWow. While discussing her hectic travel schedule, Lindsay revealed that her secret beauty tip is to maintain your routine, no matter your location.

“It’s important for me to now have a regimen that I use daily and nightly,” she told PureWow.

As for products, Lindsay admitted that there are two items she can’t travel without. First, makeup wipes to ease the pain of removing foundation after a long night out.

“Sometimes I am just so exhausted, I’ll just pass out,” the Ideal Image MedSpa partner explained. “At least if I can take the makeup off my face, that’s great. Or when I go straight from the studio to the airplane…flying with makeup is just detrimental to my skin, so I make sure that I at least do that.”

Next, Lindsay uses a serum that combines vitamins A, C and E. (We found a similar one here.) Not only does it replenish the skin with nutrients, but it also addresses problem issues, like pigmentation.

“I can’t leave without that because it’s been great at protecting my skin but also for the pigmentation,” she added. “My skin was starting to change a bit, and that serum has been really great at evening out my skin.”

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