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For PureWow senior editor Cristina Gutierrez, days are spent writing, editing and brainstorming content. But when she’s not working, you can find her hiking with her dog and fiancé or checking out the local scenes her city (Denver!) has to offer. (Did we mention Denver averages 300 days of sun? Yeah, we’re jealous too.) For the other eight hours, Cristina follows these easy rules for a seamless nighttime routine.

white bedroom
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Set the Scene

“I’m always worried about getting enough sleep (even though, in reality, I get plenty), so a comfy bed is vital to me. Every night I basically give myself a proper turndown service: Whether or not the bed was made that day (oops), I always straighten up all the covers, fold them back and fluff the pillows before I get into bed; a couple times a week I’ll spritz them with lavender mist. I also turn on the fan, shut all the blinds so it’s cool and dark, and turn on a single lamp for the right mood lighting. It doesn’t take nearly as long as it sounds, but when I snuggle into such a crisp bed in my cozy room, it makes me go ‘ahh’ and smile. Every. Single. Night.”

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Make Time for Small Talk

“After work, my fiancé and I like to cook dinner, catch up on TV and kind of zone out on our phones. Which is fine until it hits a certain point and we’re basically ignoring each other. So we recently started making sure we have time for small talk before bed. We make a point of getting into bed a few minutes before we actually want to fall asleep, then we put our phones away and chitchat and cuddle, even if it’s just for five minutes. It’s a good way to connect and talk about things that aren’t just recaps of work, and honestly, it’s pretty cute.” 

iced coffee in glass
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Treat Yourself to Something

“This isn’t every night, but about twice a week I make a batch of cold brew right before bed to drink in the a.m. It’s a little thing I do just for me, and I love waking up to a fresh batch in the morning. Making my own brew makes me feel all ‘Martha Stewart’ too, even though it’s the easiest thing in the world. I’m always so pleased with myself when I settle into bed.”

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Elizabeth Arden

Don’t Skimp on Skin Care

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