6 Tips from Priyanka Chopra on How to Take a Great Photo Every Time

Sure, she’s genetically blessed, but Priyanka Chopra clearly knows a thing or two about taking a good photo as well. (We're guessing her former days as a pageant queen helps.) From subtle angling to not-so-subtle accessories (she told us the trick to looking like a movie star in photos is a pair of oversized sunglasses), here are six tricks we learned from observing hundreds of flawless red carpet pics and candid photos of Chopra over the years.

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priyanka chopra head tilt
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Tilt Your Head

Take a cue from Chopra and angle your head slightly to one side, rather than facing the camera head-on. The subtle movement may not seem like much, but in front of the lens it makes your jawline look even more defined.

priyanka chopra angled body
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Angle Your Body, Too

Just as turning your face will bring out your features more, angling your body will create a slimming silhouette for the camera. Priyanka showcases this trick by placing one foot in front of the other and shifting her weight to one side. Notice how she also places one hand casually in her pocket? This is a far less obvious way to keep your arms from pressing against your body.

priyanka chopra accessories
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Use Your Accessories

Eight times out of ten, you’ll see Priyanka snapped with a pair of sunglasses on—and we don’t blame her. They lend an instant air of cool to any outfit and hide dark circles in seconds. And while we're on the topic of accessories, a purse or clutch is always a good idea—especially if you never know what to do with your hands in photos

priyanka chopra glitter eyeliner
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Make Your Eyes Pop

We love a smoky shadow as much as the next gal but darker shades tend to close off your eyes and make them appear smaller. Instead, try accentuating them with a clean dash of bright blue or purple liner across the top of your lids, like Priyanka did here. Bonus: Trace a glittery pencil in the inner corners and waterline to make your eyes sparkle when they catch the light.

priyanka chopra bright lipstick
Jean Baptiste LaCroix/Getty Images

Brighten Your Lips

Another go-to move for our girl, Pri? A bold lip. Flash tends to wash your complexion out—which is why a swipe of bright lipstick is the perfect quick fix. Just stick to satin or glossy formulas to give your pout a more plumped up (and not flat) appearance.

priyanka chopra peace sign
Robert Kamau/Getty Images

Have Some Fun

The biggest takeaway from observing Chopra? Relax and have fun with it. If you’re constantly worried about sucking in your stomach or wondering if you’re cheesing too hard, the discomfort will come through in photos. Just smile and do what feels natural in the moment (even if that means throwing up a peace sign).

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