Natural Glow Within Minutes? These 5 TikTokers Share How It’s Possible

Working from home with back-to-back deadlines, it’s no wonder we rarely have time to head to the spa (not to mention a little thing we like to call the global pandemic). If your day is packed with meetings and errands, then you feel where we’re coming from—especially if you have little ones. This is why we’re in love with whoever had the brilliant idea of the at-home spa day. Pampering yourself in the comfort of your home not only adds a sense of luxury to your skincare routine but also gives you a moment of relaxation on your own terms.

Picture it now: The kids are asleep, you’re in your robe, maybe you’ve even poured yourself a glass of wine? Now, of course, you’ll need some beauty essentials to turn your ‘me time’ into an upscale spa experience. The next time you’re out on those errands, head to Target and pick up the latest Plum Beauty skincare tools. Unsure where to start? Watch these five TikTok reviews of the best Plum Beauty products and learn how to incorporate them into your own self-care routine.

1. plum Beauty Rose Quartz Sculpting Stone

“I have all my skincare organized in my room perfect for my spa night videos and skincare routines. My favorite Plum Beauty tool is the Sculpting Stone because it makes my skin feel great. I use it at the end of my skincare routine with facial oil.” —Miyaeva Renae

2. plum Beauty Contouring Facial Roller

“My favorite Plum Beauty tool is the Contouring Facial Roller because after using it I can definitely feel my face lifted and firmer than before. I’ve tried other products, and there’s no comparison to the results. As a mom, I look forward to my late night routines because it is my alone time once the kids are asleep.” —Jade Mendivil

3. plum Beauty Automatic Foot File

“By offering affordable yet super effective tools, Plum Beauty makes it easy to bring a spa-like experience right into your own home. My favorite Plum Beauty tool has been the Automatic Foot File because it made the bottom of my heels feel like I had just received a pedicure! I keep it in in the bathroom and sometimes just go over my heels when I get out of the shower and my skin is still damp.” —Erin Dugan Jurchak

4. plum Beauty Hot And Cold Facial Massager

“My favorite product is the Plum Beauty Hot and Cold Facial Massager! I use it at night to soothe and depuff my skin after a long day!” —Kyra Gallego

5. Plum Beauty Ionic Facial Steamer

I usually play some relaxing music and use an essential oil diffuser with lavender oil to help me feel more like I’m at a spa. I’m absolutely going to use the Plum Beauty Spa Facial Steamer use every day because I have dry skin. I would use it at night before bed as a way of relaxing after the long day.” —Valentina D'Amelio