Laneige vs. Mario Badescu: Which Lip Mask Holds the Top Spot in My Skincare Routine?

The staple and the newcomer go head to head

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Over the last few years, my skincare routine has changed a lot. Whereas I used to just rely on any cleanser and moisturizer, I have since consulted with my dermatologist and chatted with estheticians to find the best products for my skin. However, there is one item that has stayed consistent in my regimen: a lip mask—specifically, the Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask ($24). It’s been my tried-and-true product for three years, but I was curious to find out if it was still the top lip mask out there, so I decided to compare it to another popular product I’ve been hearing a lot of buzz about lately: the Mario Badescu Lip Mask ($13). Here’s my honest review of how the two lip masks compare. 

How I Tested the Laneige and Mario Badescu Sleeping Lip Mask

I tested both lip masks for a month (allocating two weeks for each one). From there, I used our PureWow100 rating system, which has five key criteria we consider: value, functionality, quality, aesthetics and moisturizing capabilities. I analyzed the differences, as well as the similarities of both lip masks to find out if either are worth the purchase. Note: I have used Laneige in the past, so I’m already familiar with the brand. However, I tried to stay neutral in my review and spent time analyzing both products in an honest manner. 

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My Review of the Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask


  • Value: 18/20
  • Functionality: 19/20
  • Quality: 20/20
  • Aesthetics: 20/20
  • Moisture Factor: 18/20
  • Total: 95/100

The first thing I noticed was the jar itself. It’s so aesthetically pleasing. I also appreciated that it’s small and doesn’t take up too much space on my vanity. And let’s actually talk about the scent for a minute. I tested “Vanilla” and it reminded me of a candle you’d find in a relaxing spa. It has notes of vanilla, but I detected subtle hints of caramel and coconut, too. Overall, the scent was calming and not overpowering.

Now, let’s talk about texture. While solid in appearance, the lip mask melts on your lips once you put it on. It’s made of a berry fruit complex, murumuru seed and shea butter, which helped moisturize my lips. You’ll also find vitamin C, which aims to protect against environmental aggressors. It offered intense moisture all through the night, but doesn’t feel overly tacky or greasy. Would I say my lips were super soft and supple in the morning? No, but they didn’t feel as dry as they usually do.

The lip mask also gets extra points for including an applicator. The last thing I want to do is dip my fingers into a pot of lip mask every time, and the mini spatula prevents me from taking more product than needed. I would say the only con is the price. At $24, it’s pretty steep for a small jar, but a little does go a long way and I can usually get a few months of use from it. 

My Review of the Mario Badescu Lip Mask

Mario Badescu

  • Value: 19/20
  • Functionality: 18/20
  • Quality: 19/20
  • Aesthetics: 17/20
  • Moisture Factor: 18/20
  • Total: 91/100

First and foremost, the jar isn’t my favorite. It just doesn’t offer any pizzaz and could easily get lost in the crowded beauty aisles. But once I opened it, the scent really roped me in. It’s very fruity, thanks to the acai ingredient found in the formula. I had to stop myself from licking my lips because the smell reminded me of sweet candy that you just want to gobble up.

I had to take points off for not including an applicator, however, the lip mask itself more than made up for this in the quality department. Similar to Laneige’s lip mask, this one melted nicely onto my lips. Formulated with acai berries, which are rich in vitamins C and A, and fatty acids that protect and repair damage from UV radiation and environmental stress, the formula also includes shea butter, coconut oil and squalane for even more hydration and softness. 

I also noticed it has a thicker texture and feels heavier on my pout. It acts as an emollient (like Vaseline or lip oil) and leaves a glossy finish. Honestly, my pout looked so juicy and supple that I found myself wanting to wear this during the day, too. The product also offered a subtle plumping effect that didn’t last too long, which was nice. 

It is a bit tacky for my taste and can feel goopy, which my pillowcases did not enjoy. Lastly, I do appreciate that it falls just under $15 and has enough product to last a long time. Another big advantage is that it’s not strictly for overnight wear, as I use can include this as lip prep in the morning or as a pick-me-up throughout the day. 

What’s the Difference Between Laneige vs Mario Badescu Lip Mask?

The Laneige and Mario Badescu lip masks have a few key differences, which I’ve broken down based on our PureWow100 criteria. 

  • Value: The Laneige lip mask costs $24, whereas the Mario Badescu lip mask costs $13 (which is $11 cheaper, FYI). 
  • Functionality: Both lip masks are similar in how they moisturize and condition the lips. Laneige gets the upper hand though because it comes with a mini spatula to scoop up the product.
  • Quality: They both share common ingredients (like vitamin C and shea butter), which make them melt nicely onto the lips. However, the scents are very different. Laneige’s has more vanilla/coconut notes and Mario Badescu’s has a sweet, fruity fragrance to it.  
  • Aesthetics: The Laneige lip mask comes in a 0.70 ounce jar and is available in seven different scents options that each have their own corresponding color. On the flip side, Mario Badescu’s lip mask comes in a 0.5 ounce jar and only has one scent. 
  • Moisture Factor: Upon testing, I came to the conclusion that Laneige’s formula is comparable to a lip balm, while Mario Badescu’s is more like a lip oil. Laneige is more lightweight and looks subtle on your lips, while Mario Badescu is glossier and juicier in finish. However, they both score high points on the moisture meter. 

The Bottom Line

I won’t stop using my Laneige lip sleeping mask anytime soon. It will continue to be a staple in my nighttime routine. However, I’m not opposed to adding the Mario Badescu lip mask to my collection. Although I prefer the lightweight texture of Laneige’s formula, I appreciate the glossy finish of Mario Badescu’s lip mask and think it’ll be good to use throughout the day whenever my lips are feeling super chapped and need a pick-me-up. (The fruity scent is a nice touch). All in all, if you’re looking for a lip mask for the morning or at night, I believe they both hit the mark on being moisturizing and soothing on the lips. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Use a Lip Mask Every Day?

Yes. Both lip masks can be used daily for a juicy pout. Mario Badescu's can be used morning and night, whereas Laneige is meant for nighttime (though it certainly hasn’t stopped some people from using it throughout the day). 

Are You Supposed to Wash Off Your Lip Mask?

Nope. Both lip masks should be left on to get the most benefits for your lips. If you do decide to apply it overnight, you’re welcome to wash off any excess in the morning, but it’s not really necessary. 

Why Is the Laneige Lip Mask So Popular? 

The Laneige lip mask is loved by celebs, editors and reviewers alike. From Brooke Shields to Kate Hudson, who spoke highly of the lip sleeping mask recently, it’s become one of Hollywood’s most beloved beauty products. It’s also the best-selling lip mask on Amazon with more than 29,700 5-star reviews.

Why Is the Mario Badescu Mask So Popular?

While Laneige gets high praise for its lip sleeping mask, Mario Badescu’s version is known for being a great dupe. It has a celeb following as well with Brie Lawson recently raving about the lip mask to Vogue. The lip mask also has about 500 5-star reviews with fans claiming that it’s an underrated product that definitely exceeds expectations for moisturizing their lips. 

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