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You’ve probably had a spoonful of manuka honey when you’ve had a sore throat. But did you know the miracle ingredient is causing a buzz in the skincare world? When applied topically, manuka honey can improve all types of skin woes, from acne to inflammation. Why? It has a higher concentration of the antibacterial organic compound MGO than what’s found in standard honey.

Kiwi Botanicals, available exclusively at Walmart, is harnessing the power of this liquid gold in the form of three deliciously gooey cleansers. There's a cleanser for brightening the look of dull skin, one for nourishing and one for purifying. Each cleanser transforms from its honey-colored gooey goodness (in the images below) to a frothy milk-like wash with just a bit of water. Here’s why each one deserves a coveted spot on your bathroom vanity.

1. Brightening Honey Melt Facial Cleanser

The brightening cleanser in particular is here to save your dull, wind-blasted winter skin from itself. With manuka honey, plus the added ingredients of citric acid for increased skin cell turnover and Totarol oil (from Totara wood and bark, also found in New Zealand) to fight free radicals and reverse the signs of aging, your skin will be glowing brighter with each rinse. 

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2. Nourishing Honey Melt Facial Cleanser

If your skin needs some extra hydration, look no further than the nourishing cleanser. Using the natural sugar content in manuka honey, which acts as a humectant to absorb and seal in water from the air, this cleanser rids skin of bacteria and cleans deep into pores without overdrying. This means that even after cleansing your face and rinsing away dirt and oils, it will lock in moisture so your skin feels soft and smooth. 

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3. Purifying Honey Melt Facial Cleanser

Don’t let the inky color freak you out. This stuff is just as effective as the previous two cleansers, but with the added benefit of another buzzy skincare ingredient: charcoal (hence the darker hue). Harnessing the deep cleaning power of AHA and charcoal extract (along with the natural antibacterial properties of manuka honey), this version detoxifies pores and sloughs away all the makeup, grime, dead cells and dirt that may have accumulated on your face throughout the day. You’ll be left feeling like you just did a charcoal sheet mask—minus the 20-minute waiting period. Huzzah.

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