Katie Holmes Nails Every Paparazzi Pic—Here Are 3 of Her Secrets for Looking Good in Any Photo

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katie holmes photogenic tips
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Katie Holmes is the queen of photogenic paparazzi photos. It doesn’t matter if she’s going to the gym, the grocery store or to pick up her daughter, Suri, the 45-year-old actress always looks flawless, no matter the occasion. But how does she do it? 

Well, there are multiple tricks Holmes uses to ensure she looks her best in photos—the most important being confidence. Keep scrolling for three of Katie Holmes’ photogenic secrets you can try yourself.

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1. Tilt Your Chin Down

Holmes is often caught off guard when she’s photographed by paparazzi. But when she does spot them, she tilts her chin down to draw attention to her jawline, making it look more defined.

By tilting your chin down, it creates an optical illusion that draws attention to the most important part of any photo: your face. It may feel unnatural at first, but it makes a world of a difference. This pose also eliminates the dreaded double chin, which tends to happen whenever a photo is taken from a downward angle.

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How to do it:

Place your tongue on the roof of your mouth. (This will tighten your jawline.) Then, push your chin out and then down to cover your neck. You can also tilt your head toward the camera to maximize your “good side.” You will feel slightly awkward, but you’ll look great in photos.

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2. Let Your Natural Emotions Shine

Have you ever noticed how happy Holmes looks in paparazzi photos? Well, it’s one of the reasons why she’s so photogenic. Because the easiest way to look good in photos is to just be yourself.

When you tense up and press your lips together, it makes your jawline look more square and pronounced, which—ultimately—changes the shape of your face. To combat this, let your natural emotions shine through, whether you’re laughing, smiling or feeling goofy. A relaxed, natural expression is usually the most photogenic because you’re not overthinking how you’ll look in the photo. So, don’t force it!

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How to do it:

Relax your posture and take a deep breath. Instead of smiling for the camera, think of something funny to elicit a genuine laugh or smile. Don’t overthink it!

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3. Angle Your Body Away from the Camera

It’s all about the angles, which is why Holmes rarely stands facing the camera. She often positions her body away from photographers to elongate her frame and make it look more dynamic. Even if she turns her torso toward the camera, she keeps her hips positioned away from the lens to break up her shape. The key is to relax your shoulders and maintain good posture.

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How to do it: 

Start by facing the camera and move one of your shoulders so it’s closer to the lens than the other. If you’re walking, be sure to angle your hips away from the photographer to ensure a flattering angle.

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