How to Get Kate Middleton Hair ('Cause You Know You Want It)

We once wrote a guide about the secrets of women who always have perfect hair. And we may as well have been writing about the Duchess of Cambridge herself. Rain or shine, playing a round of croquet or visiting the Chelsea Flower Show, Kate Middleton never seems to have a bad hair day.

Lucky for everyone, her longtime stylist, Richard Ward, shared all of the glorious details on how he achieves such shine and bounce—and more importantly, how we can replicate the look ourselves at home.

1. After washing, apply a volumizing spray at the roots before rough-drying your hair. The key here is to always attach a nozzle to your blow-dryer and keep it steady as you work your way around your head. (Many people tend to shake the dryer, which causes frizz.)

2. When your hair is about 75 percent dry, grab a round brush with natural bristles and run it through your strands, section by section, to finish.

3. While your hair is still warm from the blow-dryer, take each section and pull them up by the roots and wrap them in large Velcro rollers. (Don’t be afraid to apply some tension when you’re doing this.)

4. When you’ve finished putting in the last roller, gently remove the first one and twist the unraveled piece with your finger to keep the shape of the curl. Repeat until you’ve reached the last roller.

5. Using the aforementioned round brush and a light mist of hairspray along the hairline, tame the strands around the perimeter of your face and finish by raking your fingers through the lengths of your hair. Princess status, achieved.

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