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Sideswept, straight across, curly or wispy—anyone who has ever had bangs knows that they tend to get greasy much faster than the rest of your hair does. And although you could just wash them over the sink, then you’d have to deal with styling them afterward. Here’s how to freshen up your fringe without having to start from scratch. 

What you need: A bottle of your favorite dry shampoo spray and a clean toothbrush. 

What you do: Lightly mist the toothbrush with an even coat of dry shampoo. (Tip: Keep the nozzle at least six inches away when spraying to avoid oversaturating the brush.) Next, run the bristles through your bangs only, starting at the roots (where they’re the oiliest) and lightly skimming over the tips. Let the product absorb for a couple minutes before combing the excess out with your fingers.

Why it works: Spraying the dry shampoo directly onto your scalp can distribute too much of the stuff at once, which will only weigh down your hair more. By putting it on the brush first, you get more control over how much product you’re using—and fluffier strands as a result. 

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