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Coloring curly hair is not easy—let alone trying to attempt it outside of a salon. Sai De Silva, the voice behind lifestyle blog Scout the City, knows this firsthand (thanks to an alarming mishap that turned her gorgeous hair…orange). But that’s because she wasn’t using the NEW Clairol Nice’n Easy

Let’s just say things are a bit different this time around. In addition to its super conditioning properties (a must for curly-haired ladies), the new Clairol formula has damage-blocking technology* so it’s ideal for people who are concerned with maintaining healthy hair. Ready to get started? Watch the video and follow along.

Step 1: First things first, blow out your curls. This allows for more even color distribution. Then, section your hair into four parts. Gently twist each section into a little bun and clip in place.

Step 2: Swipe petroleum jelly along your hairline, the back of your neck and the tops of your ears to prevent the color from staining your skin.

Step 3: Put on the gloves and add Tube 1 to Bottle 2. Then shake it (like a Polaroid picture) to mix the color. Tip: Be sure you’re ready to start before you mix the color.

Step 4: Unravel one of the top buns and apply the color along your center part and hairline. The no-drip formula will help make the process much easier. Once you’ve got your roots covered, saturate the rest of the section by working from roots to tips. Repeat this process with the remaining three sections. Wait 25 minutes to let the color fully absorb.

Step 5: Rinse and shampoo. Then apply a quarter-size amount of CC+ Colorseal Conditioner, rinse out completely and style as you please.

Now take a moment to appreciate your work. Go, girl.

*Reduces damage compared to our permanent hair color without EDDS.

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