Every 'House of the Dragon' Wig, Ranked by a Wig Expert

When House of the Dragon was announced, we had no doubt it was going to be one of the best shows to watch in 2022. While nothing can ever replace our love for Game of Thrones, we enjoy tuning in every Sunday to catch up on the new characters gracing our screens.

There are many things to love about the new series. For one, the cinematography is fantastic. (Seriously, have you seen the dragons?!) Of course, the storylines are filled with even more schemes, sex and gore (so much gore). But one feature that stands out: the striking platinum hair.

Our beloved Khalessi was known for her white mane but now HOD is showcasing multiple characters rocking the shade; showing this trait truly runs deep through the bloodline. And while many debates are centered around characters, continuity errors and more, we can't stop thinking about the wigs.

OK, we're no expert (and have only dabbled in wig wear a few times), but if the dragons can look realistic, can't we make a few of these hairdos look more natural too? That's why we reached out to Brittany Johnson, wig expert and senior content manager at Mayvenn, to rank all the wigs on House of the Dragon—from "crown them king (or queen)" to throw them in the dungeon stat.

house of dragons wigs ranked prince daemon
Ollie Upton/HBO

1. Prince Daemon

We have a love and hate relationship with Prince Daemon, but we can all agree that he is the true heir in the wig department. "Prince Daemon’s long wig has been a standout since the premiere of the first episode. His hairline is blended well, and there’s just enough hair left in front of his ears to make his style look intentional, yet effortless. The tone of the blonde is striking against his light brows, and it’s more believable than many other cast members’ looks," says Johnson.

house of dragon wigs ranked lord corlys velaryon
Ollie Upton/HBO

2. Lord Corlys Velaryon

He might not get the support from King Viserys, but he has ours. "Creating a wig that does platinum locs justice is no simple feat, and the stylist does it extremely well. The length, size, and texture of the locs are stunning, and the character’s hairline has just enough texture and density to appear extremely realistic. Corlys Velaryon may not be the king of Westeros, but we can crown him a top wig wearer by far," adds Johnson.

house of dragon wigs ranked princess rhaenyra
Ollie Upton/HBO

3. Princess Rhaenyra

As someone who's in line to be Queen, there's no surprise that Princess Rhaenyra should have the best of the best hair piece in the realm. "There are many things to admire about the young Princess Rhaenyra and her wig game is definitely one of them. The tone of the blonde is well-suited and the hair artists do their best to leave her hairline a bit wispy and imperfect. Her intentional part line also lends itself to a realistic-looking hairstyle," says Johnson.

house of dragons wigs ranked king viserys
Ollie Upton/HBO

4. King Viserys

OK, King Viserys has a ton on his plate, but his hair? Yup, not on the 'deal with it' list. "King Viserys’s wig look is consistently on point. His hairline paired with the texture of his soft waves does a good job of appearing natural. It’s giving effortlessly royal!" says Johnson.

house of dragon wigs ranked ser vaemond velaryon
Ollie Upton/HBO

5. Ser Vaemond Velaryon

We only caught a glimpse of Lord Corly's brother in episode three, but his hair left a big impression. "The younger brother’s unit is almost as flawless as his senior siblings, and that’s why it’s ranked high on the list. The color of Ser Vaemond’s roots pairs perfectly with the tones in his beard and the texture is spot on. 10/10 would recommend," adds Johnson.

house of dragon wigs ranked jason lannister
Ollie Upton/HBO

6. Jason Lannister

While we roll at eyes at the sheer mention of a Lannister, we can't deny the wig looks great (even if it's not a platinum 'do). "Jason Lannister’s darker blonde tresses stand out against the sea of platinum, and for good reason—the intentionally messy look gives the appearance of natural hair. The color is a complementary match to his beard, and the slight bounce in his texture makes it appear as if he truly has a 'wash and go,’" explains Johnson. 

house of dragon wigs ranked queen aemma
Ollie Upton/HBO

7. Queen Aemma

We won't forget Queen Aemma's time on the show (no, seriously that scene will forever be imprinted in our mind), but her impeccable wig lives on. "Although we only got to experience Queen Aemma’s hair for a moment in time, the looks she did serve were well done. Similarly to her daughter’s on the show, her look was supported by a defined part line and a softer hairline that gave a realistic appearance. The texture in her hair also helped her straight strands from appearing too limp," says Johnson.

house of dragon wigs ranked older princess rhaenyra queen alicent
Ollie Upton/HBO

8. Older Princess Rhaenyra and Queen Alicent

We haven't seen the older versions of Princess Rhaenyra and Queen Alicent pop up just yet, but they are high on the list for their look alone. "The wigs on both of these characters are styled beautifully, but the brunette look truly stands out against that of an older Princess Rhaenyra. The halo braid, wavy texture and realistic hairline all serve mature Queen Alicent well," adds Johnson.

house of dragon wigs ranked ser laenor velaryon
Ollie Upton/HBO

9. Ser Laenor Velaryon

He might be in the middle of the list, but we have high hopes he'll reach the status of his father soon. "The older version of Ser Laenor Velaryon sees his wig look properly come into age as well. The length of the locs suits him, while the color and texture complement the regal looks in his family line. The hairline could’ve been made to look a bit more natural, but overall, it’s a fantastic look," says Johnson.

house of dragon wigs ranked laena velaryon
Ollie Upton/HBO

10. Laena Velaryon

The whole scene between Laena Velaryon and King Viserys was definitely hard to watch. But the wig just made it ten times harder to get through. "Young Laena Velaryon is a stunner, and her curly wig look almost does her justice. The density of the hairline on her unit isn’t quite a match to the curl pattern that’s found throughout, but the color is at least spot on and suits her well," says Johnson.  

house of dragon wigs ranked princess rhaenys
Ollie Upton/HBO

11. Princess Rhaenys

The "Queen Who Never Was" and the top three worst wigs? Princess Rhaenys just can't catch a break. "Princess Rhaenys may believe she’s the rightful heir, but her wig leaves something to be desired. The volume on the top of the unit looks as though it was going for a regal look, but instead it ventures into costume territory. The braids, length and texture are all beautiful, but the 'wig that never was' would’ve been better served without the extreme bump on the crown," adds Johnson.

house of dragon wigs ranked queen alicent
Ollie Upton/HBO

12. Queen Alicent

Ah, you might be queen now, but all the riches in the world can't keep you from the bottom two. "Honest to goodness, this rating has nothing to do with how Queen Alicent attained her rise! The color of her tresses is beautiful, but the shape and style of her wig leave something to be desired. The addition of the short bangs with the side part is a distraction to the beautiful texture and length of the unit," explains Johnson.

house of dragon wigs ranked prince daemon post war
Ollie Upton/HBO

13. Prince Daemon (Post-War)

A plot twist indeed. We gasped at the screen when Prince Daemon waltzed into the throne room with a new 'do in episode four and said goodbye to his luscious locks. Why??! "Started at the top, now we’re here. Prince Daemon’s wig look went from fab to slightly drab after it was cut into this short style. The nape of the neck and the lengths around the ears are not as blended as the front hairline," says Johnson.

We still have a few episodes in the season, so there is always a chance for the characters to redeem themselves (we're looking at you, Daemon). "Overall, the House of the Dragon's hair and beauty team showed true dedication to their craft and the level of visual storytelling needed to portray the characters’ intricate hairstyles. I appreciated the inclusivity and variety of the texture and styles in the range of wigs shown. I can’t wait to see how the looks evolve over time," adds Johnson.

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