This Hair Dryer Makes My Hair Smell Better

I don’t generally get excited about hair dryers because I don’t normally use them. Admittedly, at the moment there’s not as much hair to dry. (I have a pixie, in case you were wondering.) But even super short, my hair is thick, wavy and prone to mushrooming in the heat, so I thought it could use some help.

I decided to give the Hai Stylset Professional Dryer a try because heard that it releases a jasmine scent while you style your hair. A jasmine scent, guys. Wouldn’t you be just a little bit curious to test a dryer that supposedly makes your hair smell better as you use it?

The way it works is there’s perfumed disc that sits inside the dryer right above the fanOnce you turn it on, it emits this light, floral scent that’s very pleasant and doesn’t attack your nostrils. I dare say it set the mood and gave a certain ambience to the whole experience, which is nice when you’re doing something as mundane as drying your hair. I asked my boyfriend, who is at least a foot taller than me, to bend down and give my head a big whiff to see if the jasmine had permeated my 'do. He said it “smelled nice” and went back to making coffee. 

The other thing to note is that the dryer has two dials: one to adjust heat (from zero to full blast) and another to adjust speed (think light summer breeze on the lowest setting all the way to top down in a convertible on the highest). Given the heat wave we’ve been experiencing in New York lately, I’ve been keeping the dial all the way down, which feels pretty darn good on muggy mornings. 

Plus, this guy has all the bells and whistles of other fancy dryers—namely ceramic tourmaline technology, blue UV light and negative ions—which basically means it nixes frizz and leaves your hair super shiny. (Rumor has it this dryer is responsible for Meghan Markles smooth waves.) 

Bottom line: It’s a solid dryer in every sense, but it’s that jasmine scent that really makes us say...hai.

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