The One Blow-Drying Mistake That Could Be Aging You (and Is Super Easy to Fix)

girl blow drying hair

When we think about looking younger, we typically focus our faces. But it turns out, our hair could be the reason we’ve been giving off a more, well, mature vibe.

A pal of ours who looks like she’s been drinking from the fountain of youth for decades recently let us in on a little secret. It has to do with how we blow-dry our hair. Apparently, we were making an anti anti-aging mistake. Here’s how to fix it.

When you blow dry your own hair, you tend to hold both your brush and the dryer horizontally. By doing this, you unintentionally dry all of your hair under. That’s what gives you that dated, anchorwoman look.

Instead, dry just the roots horizontally, and as you work your way down, flip the brush vertically and twist your wrist to add a subtle wave.

Instead of the woman reading the 5 o’clock news in 1982, the finished product will make you look more like eternal cool girl Alexa Chung. (Never a bad thing, in our opinion.)

One flip of our hairdryer to take five years off of our age? Consider our routine changed.

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