This Fur Body Scrub for Keratosis Pilaris Works Wonders on Bumpy, Strawberry Skin

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Have you ever looked at the back of your arms, legs or—yes, even butt—and wondered, “Why the heck is my skin so red and bumpy?” Well, you’re not alone. If you ruled out the occasional ingrown hairs or seasonal dry skin (because, ahem, baby it’s still cold and dry outside), you may have a skin condition called keratosis pilaris. Fairly common, this is when keratin buildup blocks the hair follicles, creating raised and bumpy skin. While all the best-of-the-best lotions and exfoliating scrubs in the world won’t stop the strawberry seed-like skin from annoying the heck out of you no matter how often you apply, Fur developed a KP body scrub that seriously goes the extra mile—so you can finally wear that head-turning red dress you had your eye on.

But first, what makes this scrub so special, you ask? It’s one of the strongest-acting formulas on the market, specifically designed to gently exfoliate skin using 14 percent AHAs. (FYI: That’s four percent more than most KP scrubs on the market). With the combined benefits of a microdermabrasion and chemical exfoliation, the buttery product works to strip away gunk and dead, clogged cells from the outer layers of your skin’s surface so that new cell production can generate seamlessly.


If the idea of all that scrubbing sounds a little treacherous for your sensitive skin, worry not. Thanks to the sunflower seed oil that’s integrated in the bottle, you’ll find that Fur’s KP scrub is totally non-stripping. You might even notice that your skin surprisingly feels hydrated and moisturized. That’s because the sunflower seed oil is reportedly high in vitamins E, A and C, which together can fade scars, encourage cell growth and boost collagen production among many other benefits.


In fact, customers can’t stop raving about the results of this formula, highlighting the fine, grainy consistency and soothing effects that are undoubtedly a result of the redness reducing and brightening agent, licorice root extract. “I tried so many washes to help with stubborn folliculitis, and this wash worked within weeks," reviewer Kaylin N. says. "It also makes my skin so soft now. I am hooked.”

And this strawberry-skinned writer can relate to Kaylin’s excitement. After religiously scrubbing on problem areas two times a week before my sister’s wedding—in which I had to wear a sleeveless dress—I found that my skin was as smooth as a baby’s bottom after about a month of using it, followed by their famous oil. The red, raised hair follicles were at a minimum, and my sister even commented how good my skin looked. And this is a huge win coming from her.


For the best results that’ll have you feeling confident in your skin again, we recommended you start using the KP scrub in the shower once a week, then work your way up to two or three times if needed. Simply squeeze a nickel-sized amount on your hand and lather on the problem area.

Rub along the skin in circular motions, starting clockwise, switching counterclockwise and even in up-and-down or side-to-side motions to ensure that you’re lifting all the dead skin and keratin buildup off the surface. Repeat until you’ve exfoliated every affected spot and rinse off. After your shower, seal your moisture barrier with Fur’s best-selling oil and a bit of lotion.

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