4 Editors Test the New Dyson Airstrait—from Die-Hard Fans to a Complete Newbie

Is it worth the $500 price tag?

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dyson-airstrait-review universal: four women and a dyson hair straightening tool
Dyson/Paula Boudes for PureWow

When it comes to hair tools, Dyson always makes the top of our list. Following the success of the Supersonic and the Airwrap, it was only a matter of time before the brand added another model to the mix and we were lucky enough to get our hands on it. Meet their latest launch: the Dyson Airstrait. To see if it really stands apart from the other models (and gauge whether it’s worth the $500 price tag), we tapped four PureWow editors with different hair types to give it a proper test run. 

Meet the Testers: 

  • Destinee Scott is assistant editor of Sales & Deals at PureWow. She has thick, curly/wavy hair and she usually deals with dryness on her locks and scalp. She has previously used the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer and Dyson AirWrap.  
  • Rachel Bowie is senior director of Special Projects at PureWow. She has fine, wavy hair and has previously used the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer. 
  • Olivia Dubyak is a commerce editor at PureWow. She has fine, high porosity hair and an oily scalp. She has previously used the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer and Dyson AirWrap.
  • Chelsea Candelario is an associate editor at PureWow. She has thick, curly hair and color-treated locks that are prone to dryness. She is using a Dyson hair tool for the first time. 

What Is the Dyson Airstrait?

The Dyson Airstrait is a 2-in-1 tool that uses high-pressure airflow to dry and straighten your hair. Unlike traditional straighteners, the Airstrait is designed without hot plates and is crafted with glass bead thermistors, which “regulate airflow temperature up to 30 times per second,” along with a 13-blade impeller that spins up to 11.9 liters of air per second, according to the brand. TL;DR: This innovative technology promises to minimize heat damage and breakage, while smoothing out your hair. 

A closer look at the Airstrait and you’ll find five buttons. From top to bottom, you have the temperature levels (285F, 230F and 175F), the speed settings (low and high), cool shot mode, dry or wet mode and the power button. The hair tool also has a manual lock button to close and hide the LED screen when you’re not using it. Note: When you turn on the Airstrait, it will perform an auto-clean to filter out the machine every time you use it. 

How Much Does the Airstrait Cost? 

Whether you’re a newbie or a pro at using Dyson hair tools, you likely know that they come at a hefty price. The Dyson Airstrait costs $500, which is $70 more than the Supersonic ($430) but $100 less than the Airwrap ($600), which puts it squarely in the middle cost-wise. 

dyson airstrait review a photo of someone using the airstrait

How We Tested the Dyson Airstrait

The brand claims the Airstrait works on all hair types, so we decided to have four PureWow editors with different hair types—from fine and straight to thick and curly—put it to the test. To help guide our process, we used the PureWow100 rubric, which is split into five categories: value (Is it worth the cost?), functionality (Does it do what it says it does?), quality (Is it easy to use?), aesthetics (How does it look?) and styling ability (What do we think of the results?). Read our honest reviews below. 

dyson airstrait review destinee scott
Destinee Scott

Destinee Scott's Review

  • Hair Type: dry, thick, curly/wavy hair
  • Temperature Used: 285
  • Time It Took to Dry Hair: one hour (wet) and 10 minutes (dry)
  • Pros: efficient, easy to use, intuitive airflow
  • Cons: heavy, takes up space, loud, thick cord

“This tool is somehow even more innovative than the Dyson Supersonic, which I didn't think was possible. However, when I tried it for the first time, I was worried it wouldn't get the job done. As someone who paddle dries their hair, my biggest concern is how straight my strands and roots get because that determines how good the results will be after flat ironing/styling it. That's why I want to be clear that the Airstrait is most effective when you take advantage of all its functions, so you can really dry those roots (otherwise, it won't happen) and every single mode from boost to cool.”

She continues, “While testing this tool, I wanted to push it to its limits and see how well it could dry my hair without needing to paddle dry after (which I would typically do). To my surprise, there was no need. After using the tool for about an hour, my hair was in an impressively dry state. While it took the same amount of time to dry my hair as my regular routine, I didn't have to change attachments or use my paddle brush since I got a really good blowout with just the one tool. Another feature I hope other buyers appreciate is the auto-pause airflow, so when you put the Airstrait down (to part your hair or rest your arms), the airflow gets lower, which give your ears a break. Most importantly, you're not wasting as much electricity!”

dyson airstrait review rachel bowie
Rachel Bowie

Rachel Bowie's Review

  • Hair Type: fine, wavy hair
  • Temperature Used: 285
  • Time It Took to Dry Hair: 20 minutes (wet) and 4 minutes (dry)
  • Pros: self-cleaning feature, multi-purpose
  • Cons: heavy, takes time to learn

“I was really impressed by how smooth my hair could get without scorching my strands. The plates are thicker than the average straightener, but I also feel like it's harder to burn yourself with the Airstrait. It took a bit of practice (and I think it's a bit easier when you're styling already dry strands), but my straight hair lasted all day, even in some epic NYC humidity. I found myself catching a view of my locks in the mirror and doing a double-take throughout the day. [I couldn’t believe] that was really my hair. Using a heat protectant is still essential, but I love how the Airstrait works—straightening with high-velocity jets of air—which feels kinder and less damaging to my fine hair. Plus, my hair still looked glossy after straightening, which is a pro.” 

She adds, “This is silly, but I wish it came with a bag or some sort of carrying case to keep it safe during travel. Also, it's a bit heavy and the cord seemed to tangle easily (it's so long!). For anyone new to trying it, give yourself several practice runs and time to experiment. I found it really paid off.”

dyson airstrait review chelsea
Chelsea Candelario

Chelsea Candelario's Review

  • Hair Type: thick, curly, color-treated hair
  • Temperature Used: 285
  • Time It Took to Dry Hair: one hour (wet) and 30 minutes (dry)
  • Pros: auto-pause feature, self-cleaning feature, adjustable modes  
  • Cons: heavy, super loud

“As someone trying a Dyson hair product for the first time, I was hopeful and excited to put this $500 tool to the test. The first thing I noticed was the self-cleaning feature, which told me this hair tool was truly innovative. I enjoyed the LED display and how simple the modes were to follow, so that it worked for my hair type. I kept expecting the usual sizzling that happens when I straighten my hair, but it didn’t—and thank God for that. The airflow technology really puts my mind at ease since I spent way too much time in my teen years frying my hair to a crisp. As a curly girl, I feel better knowing this hair tool isn’t going to strip away any shine or cause damage.” 

She continues, “I will say that the tool is way too heavy. I had to take a break mid-straightening because it felt like I was participating in an arm workout I never signed up for. I have long, thick hair, so I had to work in even smaller sections than I usually do and had to pass through each section multiple types to fully dry my hair, which took forever to finish. I typically use the InfinitiPro by Conair tool (which doesn’t exist anymore) and I can dry my hair in 20 minutes. Granted, I would have to go through it with a flat iron afterwards to get similar results as the Airstrait, but at least I’m cutting my drying time.”

dyson airstrait review liv
Olivia Dubyak

Olivia Dubyak's Review

  • Hair Type: fine, high porosity hair 
  • Temperature Used: 285
  • Time It Took to Dry Hair: 25 minutes (wet) and 15 minutes (dry)
  • Pros: easy to use, adjustable modes, offers less heat exposure
  • Cons: heavy, hard to get through wet hair, difficult to reach roots 

“It did a great job at giving my hair volume, while taming my cowlicks. Honestly, I don't think it straightens any better or worse than my regular straightener. In that department, there isn't much of a difference, but the fact that it straightens without using too much heat is impressive. When it comes to my go-to flat iron, I usually have it on a 350 to 400 degree setting, so using lowest setting on the Airstrait saves my hair from that high heat exposure, while still straightening my hair.

She adds, "On my hair, the wet-to-dry feature does help eliminate a step, but it doesn't necessarily shorten the time I'm spending on my hair since I have to go slower over sections and keep brushing through my hair as I go or it will kink.”

dyson-airstrait-review universal: four women and a dyson hair straightening tool
Paula Boudes/PureWow

Is the Dyson Airstrait Worth It?

  • Value: 17/20
  • Functionality: 18/20
  • Quality: 20/20
  • Aesthetics: 17/20
  • Styling: 19/20
  • Total: 91/100

The Airstrait is innovative, no doubt, but it has a few flaws that has our testers conflicted. The positives: The Airstrait dries and straightens your hair in one go. The tool was also praised for its features—from the cool shot mode to the lock button. As Bowie explains, “It’s pricier than a typical straightener, but in close range to higher end ones. I like the all-in-one ability, as it can dry and straighten hair. With some more practice, I think it could really be perfect for daily use, especially when it comes to simplifying my routine.

Did it give the results each tester wanted? Well, that varies. “It dried and smoothed my curls down, but I wouldn’t say it gave me the silk press finish I wanted. That said, if you want a voluminous look (emphasis on voluminous), this hair tool should be on your list,” says Candelario. 

As for its cons, the overall consensus was that it was a bit too heavy and loud. “I had to pause a few times throughout the process because I just got tired of holding it. But beauty is pain, right?,” says Scott. “Don't get me wrong. It does work, but on most days, you'll likely opt for a lightweight and silent flat iron instead. Now, if Dyson can fix those two things, they've got it made.” Dubyak agrees, adding that, “It would be difficult for anyone with neck or shoulder problems to use because it's pretty heavy.”

The three die-hard fans of the brand stand in the middle, but did it convince the newbie? “The Airstrait left me feeling intrigued. Seeing all of the features it offers, I definitely understand why it costs so much and why Dyson has a great reputation in the hair space. I wouldn’t say I’m completely in love with this product, but I’m curious to try the other models that my fellow testers couldn’t stop talking about,” says Candelario. 

So, should you get the Airstrait? It depends on your needs and budget, since it's definitely a splurge. Want to cut down on the number of products you have stowed in your bathroom? This is a great tool for you. Just be prepared to take a couple of breaks in-between styling (and maybe warn your roommates about how loud it is).

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