I Used Shampoo with Champagne in It, and It Made My Hair *So* Soft

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Getting Champagne in your hair after popping a bottle that’s been shaken one too many times is a sticky situation to say the least. So you can imagine my intrigue when Cuvee Beauty launched its Champagne-infused collection of hair care products. I couldn’t help but wonder what would happen if I washed my hair with my favorite happy hour drink for a week, so in the name of research, I did just that.

Cuvee Beauty’s Champagne-Infused Shampoo is made with clean, skin-care-grade ingredients, which is a huge selling point for me (beyond, you know, the Champagne). Extract from Champagne grapes prevents free radicals from damaging hair, while white truffle extract restores moisture, ceramides help to repair split ends and tame frizz, and pea protein prevents breakage. Sounds like everything you could ever want from a shampoo. It also comes in the cutest bubbly-inspired bottle that looks like something straight out of a Parisian film. But the real test would be whether or not it did what it claimed: add intense shine and reveal healthier-looking hair.

At first use, I really loved the scent. It’s light, refreshing and not alcohol-like in the slightest. The texture has a lot of “slip” to it, so it felt as smooth as silk in my hair and it was super easy to suds up—something my thick locks desperately need in a shampoo. And it made my hair really clean. I noticed more shine, a smoother feel, and the buildup from styling products was completely washed away.

But there were two major caveats. The geometric shape of the bottle makes it a tad hard to squeeze out the shampoo. In the end, it wasn’t such a bad thing, because it controlled my normal product over-use. It also made my hair so clean that my scalp felt slightly dry immediately after. I don’t tend to get super greasy, so it might be better suited for those with a naturally oily scalp.

Final thoughts: While it’s not going to become my everyday go-to, it’s great for a really deep clean any time my hair needs a reset. I’ll be keeping this cute little bottle of shampoo on prominent display in my bathroom and will be working it into my routine every few washes—mainly for when I overuse dry shampoo and need something strong enough to wash it away that still leaves my locks soft and shiny. Cheers to that.

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