One of 2020’s Biggest Makeup Trends Doesn’t Involve Makeup at All

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Listen, we’re all for the “new decade, new me” vibes, especially when it comes to overhauling our makeup bag in favor of better, cleaner, more sustainable beauty.

We’re also no strangers to burn-bright-but-fizzle-fast beauty fads. (Anyone remember glossy lids? Lawd, help us...) So we tend to be pretty picky about which ones we dive into headfirst. One trend that has serious staying power? Luscious, natural lashes.

From Meghan Markle batting her gorgeous peepers as she waves to well-wishers to J.Lo posing for paparazzi on the red carpet, feathery natural lashes are all the rage for 2020, and huge, overdone lashes are officially out.

Must be nice, you think as you swoop on layer after layer of mascara. Except, not so fast, because even without extensions, falsies or the “she’s just born with it” lash genes, full, thick lashes aren’t out of reach. Yep, even if you’re not a natural Twiggy.

Our favorite way to achieve the trend? An eyelash serum, which actually gives you longer, fuller-looking lashes in just four to six weeks. Just apply the serum—we recommend RapidLash—once a day before bed to the base of the upper eyelashes using the applicator brush, working from the inner corner of the eye outward and running along the base of your eyelashes.

One editor who uses RapidLash says, “My lash line looked noticeably darker, and the hairs just seemed thicker and more prominent after about a month. I definitely made sure I used it every day, and it payed off faster than I thought it would. They basically turned into a way better version of themselves, so now when I give them a quick curl for volume and walk out the door, it actually looks intentional and not like I just forgot to put on mascara.”

Et voilà: Thick, feathery natural lashes without the hassle of mascara or the investment of extensions.

Oh, and did we mention RapidLash is 30 percent off right now with the code RAPID30? That’s 30 percent more money you’ll have to spend on dinner dates (so you can practice your new “Yeah, of course they’re real” eyelash spiel).

Buy It ($50; $35 using code RAPID30)

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