5 Flattering Haircuts to Try If You Have a Round Face

Having a round face means it’s almost as wide as it is long. Which also means the wrong haircut can easily put you in baby face territory. So when it comes to cuts, your goal in finding the right one is to create a face-slimming style. Here, follow this handy guide to the most flattering looks for gals with circular faces.

The Easiest Way to Determine Your Face Shape

best haircuts for round faces choppy lob
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A Choppy Lob

Take it from Selena Gomez: Blunt ends create flattering contrast with a round face, while the length—not quite skimming the shoulders—makes your neck look longer. When requesting this chop, make sure your ends hit around three inches below your chin to maximize its effect.

best haircuts for round faces blunt lob
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A Sleek Lob

If a round face is often seen as extra young (which, no problem there), a sleek, almost severe cut and style will offset any sense of being too “cute.” Mila Kunis’s super-straight, side-parted lob creates a perfect, edgy balance.

best haircuts for round face voluminous pixie
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A Pixie With Volume

You might think a close crop would draw even more attention to the shape of your face, but as Jennifer Hudson proves, it actually does the opposite. The trick is to concentrate volume at the top of your head, which draws the eye up and down instead of side to side.

chrissy teigen with long layered hair
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Long Layers

If flowing locks are more your speed, opt for a cut like this that is full of dimension. The idea is to frame your face with soft curves that highlight your cheekbones and eyes, meanwhile creating a long silhouette that makes your entire face and neck region look modelesque. 

best haircuts for round faces curtain bangs
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Curtain Bangs

Blunt, straight-across fringe can shorten the face even more and add to that “young” factor. But trimming the front pieces into long, slightly angled bangs like Kirsten Dunst’s play a visual trick on the shape of your forehead and draw the eye downward, so the only roundness you’ll see is around your jawline.

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