7 Slimming Haircuts and Hairstyles That Are Basically Beauty Magic

You’re a lady who takes care of herself: You try to keep up in Spin class and you (usually) resist that third cookie. But guess what? You could also cut and style your hair strategically to achieve similar effects. Here are eight slimming haircuts.

The 6 Best Haircuts for Cold Weather

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1. A Shaggy Lob

This cut is popular for a reason: It doesn’t quite skim the shoulders, so there’s room for air and light and neck lengthening. When requesting it, make sure your ends hit around three inches below your chin.

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2. Side-swept Bangs

While straight-across bangs can be hard to pull off (and add width), side-swept bangs slenderize the cheeks and look great on short or long hair.

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3. A Deep Side Part

Think of this as side-swept bangs without the commitment. An extreme part creates the same face-elongating effect without the need to actually cut your hair. The loose waves also add volume, which balances out a rounder face.

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4. Long Layers

The idea here is to create a soft curve around your cheekbones and eyes, avoiding harsh, straight lines that can emphasize the width of your face. The effect is much more flattering than the Rachel. 

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5. A Teased Ponytail

A basic slicked-back pony can come across as too much (and it exaggerates any roundness in your face), but a softer style with light teasing has the opposite (almost effortless) effect.

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6. A Voluminous Topknot

Think of this as an optical hair illusion. Pulling your hair into a super-high bun draws the eye up, making your face seem longer and narrower than it is. To keep it from seeming too severe, leave a few pieces out and don’t be afraid to make it look a little messy.

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7. A Loose Low Bun

Like the teased ponytail and the topknot, avoid making your low chignon too tight and leave a few pieces out to frame your face. The result is elegant and polished. (Is it weird to have #neckgoals?)

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