The 10 Best Resuable Cotton Rounds for All Your Makeup Removal and Skincare Needs

Living a more sustainable lifestyle isn’t a zero-sum game. In fact, like any major change, the best way to make a habit stick is to simplify your goal into smaller steps. In this case, if you want to reduce your consumption, an easy place to start is by swapping out your single-use cotton rounds and face wipes for resuable ones. We’ve got 10 options for you ahead.

How to Recycle Your Used Beauty Products

1. Last Object Last Round

Created by a Denmark-based company whose sole mission is to eliminate single use items by offering reusable alternatives, these cotton rounds are made from 100 percent renewable raw materials (more specifically, 70 percent Scandinavian wood fibers and 30 percent cotton fibers). Fans praise them for delivering a light exfoliation and for being travel-friendly thanks to the compact carrying case it comes in (which is, of course, made from repurposed ocean-bound plastic).

2. Cocokind Reusable Facial Rounds

This TikTok famous brand (and PureWow favorite) is like the Taylor Swift of beauty in that it keeps delivering hits. Their disposable cotton rounds are among the best thanks to their super-soft and highly absorbent texture. We also appreciate that each pack comes with 14 rounds and a mesh bag so you can easily toss them into your wash.

3. The Face Halo Original

The Face Halo is one of the first reusable rounds we ever tried and they remain a steady constant in our beauty routine because of how well they remove makeup. Packed with a blend of tightly wound fibers that gently but swiftly grip even waterproof eyeliner with ease, all you need to do is add water and swipe. (Tip: After washing them, air dry to keep them at peak fluffiness.)

4. Garnier Skinactive Micellar Cleansing Eco Pads

We love the generous size of these microfiber pads because they cover a larger surface area (which means a faster cleanse). Use them to remove all traces of makeup without having to scrub or tug at your skin—or you can use them to apply your toner.

5. Jenny Patinkin Pure Luxury Organic Reusable Rounds

Pure luxury is right. For an upgraded experience, we’d recommend these organic bamboo rounds from Jenny Patinkin because they feel super soft against your skin and are anti-microbial. After a few months of use, we’ve noticed that these rounds hold up especially well in the wash (the included mesh laundry bag certainly helps). Oh, and they come in a buttery vegan leather case that we sometimes use as a makeshift wallet.

6. The Detox Market Reusable Cotton Rounds

Made with 70 percent bamboo and 30 percent organic cotton, these reusable rounds are soft enough to feel nice against your skin, while still providing a gentle exfoliation. One box includes seven rounds, so you’re set for the week. (Bonus: For every purchase made, The Detox Market will plant a tree.)

7. Greenzla Reusable Makeup Remover Pads

More than 17,000 Amazon shoppers have given these rounds top marks for being effective, inexpensive and durable. Made with two layers of 100 percent organic bamboo fibers, they remove makeup without feeling abrasive against your face, and here’s the kicker: They’re 100 percent biodegradable so when they’re on the fritz, you can plop them in a compost bin.

8. Tayvada Bamboo Resuable Makeup Remover Pads

Another Amazon favorite, these reusable rounds are made with a whopping four layers of bamboo and polyester fleece for the plushest texture in this lineup. (This is helpful if you have sensitive or easily irritated skin). Fans also love the little pocket on each round because it gives them better control when they’re wiping harder-to-reach areas like the nose and jawline. Zippered mesh laundry bag and tropical motif storage box included.

9. Kitsch Eco-friendly Mini Face Rounds

Talk about good sense. These resuable rounds come in a waterproof travel pouch, so you don’t have to worry about accidental spills in your overnight bag. Made from 100 percent natural, plant-based cotton and bamboo fibers, they’re velvety soft to the touch and come in two colors: black or white.

10. Marley’s Monsters Reusable Facial Rounds

This buzzy brand is beloved within the zero-waste community—and if their cotton rounds are any indicator, we completely understand the hype. Each pack comes with 20 rounds that are highly absorbent and exceedingly soft because they’re made with 100 percent cotton flannel. (You know, like a set of perfectly worn in bedsheets.) The fact that they come in cute colors and patterns makes us want to say, another round!

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