Cocokind's Sake Body Lotion Keeps My Skin (Yes, Even Scratchy Heels) Soft, Smooth and Free of Dry Flakes

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Here’s a small confession: I never used to moisturize my body. Unless I had a visible dry patch on my knees or elbows, body lotion was always optional. It was, at best, an afterthought, if a thought at all.

However, in the last year, moisturizing has become one of my favorite parts of the day. I’ve found myself really savoring the act, carefully massaging the lotion into my limbs after bathing, while quietly showering my body in praise. (Another new thing I’m trying.)

It also helps that I found a moisturizer I enjoy using: Cocokind’s Sake Lotion.

As a newly converted body lotion user, I am looking for something that’s no frills. I don’t want anything that’s overly fragranced and could compete with my deodorant or perfume, and I definitely don’t want anything that feels sticky on my skin. Ideally, I don’t want it to feel like I have anything on at all.

Cocokind’s Sake Lotion checks all of the boxes for me.

It’s rich, but not heavy. It doesn’t have any cloying scent. At under 20 bucks a bottle, it’s not uncomfortably overpriced. Most importantly, it keeps my skin—all of it, even my scratchy heels—soft, smooth and free of dry flakes. I’ve taken to using it as a hand cream as well.

I recommend massaging the lotion onto damp skin after your shower (or just after your hundredth hand wash of the day). This will help with the application. Like I said, it’s on the richer side, so I’ve found that having some moisture on your skin helps to spread the lotion better and absorb more readily, so you can get dressed faster. You know, in case you’re in a rush to go to your living room these days.

For my fellow ingredient nerds out there, this lotion is chockfull of fatty acids (by way of shea butter) and, as the name hints, sake, which, in addition to being a smooth adult beverage that compliments your sushi, is loaded with enzymes that gently exfoliate and brighten your skin.

It’s also worth noting that the shelfie-ready bottle is made from ocean waste plastic that’s collected from beaches and other natural bodies of water and repurposed to reduce the use of virgin plastic and bioplastic.

You could say that it’s a body lotion that does your body and bodies of water good. Or you could just call it a damn good moisturizer.

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