How to Use Adorable, Awesome Crayons in Place of All Your Makeup

You know what's absolutely fabulous? Chubby makeup sticks. From the lipstick you can apply without a mirror to the pencil that gives us a smoky eye in seconds, the best part about these fun (essentially) adult crayons is how easy they are to use. We’ve pulled five of our favorites for you to try all over your face.

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foundation stick

A Foundation Stick

Despite our best intentions, we don’t always get around to washing our makeup brushes—which is why we’re really into foundation sticks lately. Just swipe one wherever you need coverage and blend away with your (clean) fingertips. We love this sleek little guy from Hourglass Cosmetics because it’s more pigmented than others we’ve tried and it actually lasts a full day on our faces. 

Hourglass ($46)

contour stick

A Contouring Stick

Contouring made easy: This aptly named chubby stick is for the lady who wants a little more definition in her face (um, sign us up) but doesn’t want to add an extra five minutes to her routine. Use it in the hollow of your cheeks and along the jawline to make your cheekbones pop and minimize any puffiness (be it from allergies or a late night). 

Clinique ($23)

highlight stick

A Highlighting Stick

Now that you’ve got your contouring down, it’s time to add some light. This pearlescent crayon is delightfully creamy (for easy blending) and will give you a soft glow wherever you apply it. We like to dab some on the tops of our cheekbones (again, to really bring them out) and under our eyes (to mask shadows).

Laura Mercier ($32)

lip and cheek stick

A Lip-and-cheek Stick

Who doesn’t love a good two-in-one? And this gel crayon is a cut above with its sheer, lightweight texture and hydrating ingredients (like jojoba seed oil and shea butter). Swirl some onto the apples of your cheeks for a pretty flush and finish with a quick swipe on your lips for a hint of color and shine. This stuff is so forgiving that you don’t really need a mirror to apply it. 

Wander Beauty ($22)

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eye shadow stick

An Eye-shadow Stick

Eyeliner can be too tricky and eye shadow can be too messy. A chubby crayon, however, is impossible to mess up. Just color in your lid and smudge away.

Sephora ($14)

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