Help! I Have a Round Face!

If you’ve ever been called “Cheeks” or are frequently carded at bars, chances are you have a round face. On the plus side, you look younger than you actually are. On the, um, not plus side, every half pound you gain shows up immediately…on your head. Here, nine tips from hair and makeup pros on how to subtly elongate your features.

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Get A Lob

It’s universally flattering, but especially on full-faced girls. Ask your stylist to cut just past your shoulders, at about collarbone length. It will draw the eyes downward and make your face appear more oval, says Amy Moscowitz, stylist at Cutler Salon in New York.

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Or Go Long

Another option? A long, layered haircut like Chrissy Teigen’s. Again, the goal is to draw the eyes down and give the illusion of length.

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Let Your Bangs Graze Your Lashes

If you are feeling fringe, keep it long and side-swept. Or, if you want full bangs, try channeling a soft, wispy '60s vibe à la Jane Birkin or present-day hair icon Alexa Chung.

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Try A Bun Or Ponytail

Scared that pulling all of your hair back will further expose your full cheeks? Fear not! Placing hair up high on the head actually lengthens everything. The same goes for tight, neat ponytails. (Just make sure that they start above your ears.)

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Learn To Love Contouring

Fact: There’s a way to do it without going full-on Kardashian. Simply choose a cream or powder that’s both matte and taupe (as opposed to bronze), says New York makeup artist Ashleigh Ciucci. Then apply it across your temples, under your cheekbones and along your jawline--thereby shading around the fullest parts of your face.

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And Highlighter

Just as darker shades recede features, lighter ones bring them forward. Use a cream highlighter (powder tends to be too shimmery) on cheekbones, brow bones and your chin, as well as down the bridge of the nose and right atop the cupid’s bow of your upper lip.

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Keep Your Blush Situation In Check

Avoid putting blush directly on the apples of your cheeks; this can give them a more rounded, baby-doll effect. Instead, apply in an angular motion, starting at the bottom of your cheeks and ending at your temples.

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Avoid Straight-across Brows

Shape those suckers into more of an arch as opposed to a straight line (think: Cara Delevingne), which can further emphasize the width of your face.

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Play Up Your Eyes

More specifically, make them look bigger with liner, neutral shadows and curled lashes. Larger eyes make the rest of your face appear smaller. It’s all about proportion, folks.

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