Crazy Beauty Trend: Peel-Off Eye Shadow Is Something You Have to See to Believe

Color-correcting concealer, a five-minute nose job, contouring of any kind: There are some beauty trends that you have to witness first. Add to the list: peel-off eye shadow by ColorOn Professional.

Some call it “peel-on” or “press-and-peel” eye shadow, but either way, just like it sounds, the product is a small eyelid-shaped felt sticker with designs (oh yes, there are designs) that you press onto your eye, then lift up to reveal a fully done eye-shadow application.

And with names like “Leopard Lounge” (actual cheetah print), “Dixie Dust” (brown and camo green) and “Very Sexy” (the word VERY on one eyelid and SEXY across the other), there’s no limit to the makeup looks one can achieve. Ya know, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Don’t believe us? Watch the video above as we try it out on our very own editors, and judge all you like.

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Roberta Fiorito

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