The 10 Best Beauty Gifts from Violet Grey That Will Impress Even the Most Dedicated Skincare Fanatic

Whether you’re shopping for your boyfriend’s younger sister who is a part-time beauty influencer, your best friend of 15 years, your 8-year-old’s homeroom teacher or the friendly USPS worker you’ve come to know over the past few months, we’ve got some options for you. Ahead, 10 beauty gifts that are sure to delight even the pickiest recipient or acquaintance.

Did Someone Say Retail Therapy? These 12 Beauty Sets Should Do the Trick

1. The Bright Eyes Set

In a year where many of us have lost sleep over, well, everything, this eye-brightening set is especially welcome. Enclosed in the sleek gift box is a silk eye mask that feels incredible against your skin, a set of undereye patches that are drenched in peptides and hyaluronic acid for a smoothing effect and a cooling balm that wears seamlessly under makeup without pilling.

2. Augustinus Bader The Cream

Every once in a while, there’s a product that takes everyone by a storm. In this particular case, “everyone” includes Priyanka Chopra, Sandra Oh, Kate Bosworth and Victoria Beckham, who loves it so much that she created a special collaboration of moisturizers and serums with the brand earlier this year.

The cult cream is the brainchild of a German scientist with zero beauty connections or experience in the industry; he is, however, one of the world’s leading experts in stem cell research, which he applied to the formulation of this regenerative moisturizer.

Fans praise it for smoothing fine lines, lightening dark spots, and giving an overall plumpness to their skin. In sum, it’s precisely the type of thing you might feel guilty about buying yourself but would love to receive as a gift.

3. Knc All Natural Collagen Infused Lip Mask

File this under: Tiny delights. Or generous stocking stuffer. It’s a pack of lip-shaped masks to plump and moisturize a desiccated pout just as the temperature drops. Soaked in collagen, hyaluronic acid, rose flower oil and vitamin E, it’s a hydrating drink for your lips (and an effective prep step before applying lipstick).

4. The Stay-well Set

Good hygiene has never been sexier (and, uh, necessary) than it has been in 2020. This curated set would make a thoughtful gift for pretty much anyone on your list. Though if we had to suggest it for any particular group, we’d say give it to one of the essential workers in your life or community. The shiny patent leather pouch holds a silk face covering, the chicest hand sanitizer on the market, and a damn good hand cream to round it all out.

5. Tom Ford Soleil Blanc Shimmering Body Oil

In lieu of the tropical vacations and getaways we’re all missing right about now, this fragrant body oil is a small consolation prize. With a subtle bronze shimmer that makes pale, dry skin look sun-kissed and less sad, and a warm floral scent that is so enticing that if you close your eyes and just take a whiff, you can almost picture yourself on a white-sand beach, if offers a little moment of escape.

6. Ziip Beauty Nano Current Device

Handheld devices have gained increasing popularity over the past couple of years and this one in particular has generated a lot of buzz among the beauty community. Created by a team of electrical engineers, scientists, doctors, and researchers, the palm-sized tool transmits nano-currents to stimulate ATP, which is a naturally occurring enzyme in the skin that promotes collagen and elastin with continued use. The more immediate benefits are that it promotes lymphatic drainage and increases circulation, so your face is less puffy and sallow looking. And since we’re all spending more time at home for the foreseeable future, this is an ideal gift for the skin-care fanatic in your life.

7. Riki Loves Riki Riki Skinny Mirror

Have a budding beauty blogger (or selfie queen) in your group? They’ll love this LED mirror, which features five levels of dimming options, so they always have optimal lighting for putting on makeup or snapping photos and videos. It also comes with a magnifying magnetic mirror for closeups (key for, say, tweezing) and a clip to hold your phone.

8. The Ultimate Shower Set

Remember when you were in junior high or high school and the go-to gift for someone you didn’t know that well (or safe last-minute option) was a body wash and lotion set from the mall? This is the adult version of that, but even better. So much better, in fact, that we’d confidently gift this to our best friend and know she’d love it. And what’s not to love? The set includes a refreshing body wash, a non-sticky lotion, a water-wicking turban that cuts down on dry time and frizz, and a dry brush for massaging off dead skin cells.

9. Hanacure All-in-one Facial Starter Kit

Speaking of BFFs, you know what would be a fun gift idea? Sending one of these mask kits to them and planning a virtual spa night where you all apply it together over Zoom. The mask is bizarrely satisfying to use, as you can actually feel your face physically lift and tighten within minutes. It’s also pretty amusing to witness your skin shrivel up temporarily as the mask works its magic.

10. D.s. & Durga Portable Fireplace Candle

And since we’re on the topic of virtual spa nights, you might as well up the ante with a cozy candle to set the mood. With notes of cedar, pine, oak and birch, it truly delivers on its name. Hand-poured into the pretty glass vessel you see here, the stylish candle would be most welcome in any home (but especially a small apartment with no hearth to speak of).

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