5 Reasons Why We Love Australian Gold’s New Plant Based Sunscreen

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We foresee this summer as the season of stepping out—picnics, hikes and just about anything outdoors is on our list. This also means that our skin will have more exposure to the sun. To restore moisture and prevent harmful reactions, we’ll be reaching for Australian Gold's Plant Based sunscreen—a more natural alternative for sun protection. With several benefits for your skin and the environment, it’s an easy choice that’s not only hypoallergenic, vegan and cruelty-free, but also reef-friendly and even gluten-free. Here are the top five reasons why it’s a new go-to.

1. Includes 10 Times More Aloe Vera

Australian Gold’s Plant Based collection uses a high concentration of aloe vera (compared to the average lotion) which restores essential nutrients back into your skin. Aloe also contains vitamins, minerals and enzymes that rebuild your skin at cellular level—which means you’ll actually feel rejuvenated while using this sunscreen.

2. Reduces Early Skin Aging

Although aging is a part of life, no one wants to age too early. Without the proper use of sunscreen, you’re allowing the sun to absorb your body’s moisture which leaves your skin feeling dry—and ultimately leads to wrinkles before your time. Australian Gold prevents the risk of early aging with natural ingredients and plant extracts.

3. Protects Against Uva And Uvb Rays

Did you know aloe has been reported to have protective effects against UV rays and when combined with vitamin E, it can even neutralize blue light and infrared light-induced free radicals? Us either…until now. Australian Gold’s Plant Based collection not only offers broad spectrum coverage to protect from aging UVA rays and burning UVB rays, but it’s supplemented by the additional benefits of aloe. A win-win.

4. Contains Natural Coconut Oil

When you see coconut oil in the list of ingredients, you know that you’re getting a quality moisturizer. The oil from the coconut tree contains fatty acids to intensely moisturize your skin but is gentle enough for more sensitive types. This ingredient makes Australian Gold’s Plant Based sunscreen easy to absorb for a smooth coverage (not to mention a light aroma of coconut).

5. Eco-friendly Formulas And Packaging

Protecting yourself also means protecting your environment, which affects your overall health indirectly. Australian Gold makes an initiative to produce sunscreens made from natural resources that make them sustainable. With more than 50 percent of their packaging made from recycled material, they’re giving back to the environment while protecting you at the same time.