Here’s Why, According to a Beauty Expert, You Should Be Applying Makeup with Your Fingers

The most versatile tool in your makeup kit? Believe it or not, it’s your fingers. We know, we know. It basically goes against everything we’ve been told about makeup application. The oils—eek! Well, rest assured that your fingertips can help, more than hurt, your beauty game.

We didn’t make this up. Esteemed cosmetics queen Pat McGrath swears by using fingers over any brush in her kit.

Why? McGrath explains that the warmth from your hands works with everything from lipstick to foundation to eye shadow to make them even creamier and easier to apply. Makes sense, right?

So go ahead: Blot, swipe, build and blend to your heart’s content. And if you’re still concerned about oils, just give your hands a good wash before glamming up.

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