We Tried TikTok’s Favorite Liquid Eyeshadows (And They Practically Blend Themselves)

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When celebrities are constantly launching new beauty lines every other week, it makes sense to be a bit skeptical. Would the products really stand on their own without a big name attached to them? That said, there are a few that hit the mark and Halsey’s About Face tops that list. The brand’s most popular item—Matte Fluid Eye Paints—is making waves on TikTok for its super pigmented shades. Whether you pick the brightest yellow or the darkest blue, every hue is sure to make a statement. But before you rush to grab your own tube, we had six editors test out the trendy liquid eyeshadows to see if they live up to the hype. (Spoiler alert: They totally do.)

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about face matte fluid eye paint review olivia dubyak
Olivia Dubyak in On Pointe

Olivia Dubyak, Commerce Editor

Shades Tested: Blue Monday, On Pointe, Capulets

“Liquid shadows are always a little daunting to me. I'm no makeup artist and you have to be very careful with a product like this. But this formula felt more like a liquid powder and it applied beautifully. I got the hang of it by my second try.”

about face matte fluid eye paint review nicole briese
Nicole Briese wearing La Zona Rosa

Nicole Briese, Assigning Commerce Editor

Shades Tested: Capulets, La Zona Rosa, Vintage Grandma, Cloned

“I was surprised by how wearable it was. I’m not someone who wears a ton of bright shades, so the La Zona Rosa, in particular, scared me a bit, but it wound up being one of my faves. I was expecting a clown makeup aesthetic and got something I might actually reach for on a normal day, especially with a brighter shirt. I also could NOT believe how long it lasted—it would stay on for days without remover. I was slightly terrified it wouldn't come off, but a little makeup remover took it off in a jiff.”

about face matte fluid eye paint review stephanie sengwe
Stephanie Sengwe in Scream of Consciousness

Stephanie Sengwe, Associate Editor

Shades Tested: New Karma, Dionysus, Scream of Consciousness

“​​I love the fun range of colors. They immediately put you in a summery mood. The eye paint isn’t heavy on the lids like some other eyeshadows, so you won’t be itching to take it off after a hot day out, which is a major plus. However, it takes A LOT of layering to get the right pigmentation for my skin tone. For the New Karma and Dionysus shades, I had to keep building the color for it to really show. Also, while I like the fact that it’s lightweight, for people with deep creases like myself, the eyeshadow will easily smudge and leave that layer of sweat on the lids, which is not the end of the world, but definitely a little annoying.”

about face matte fluid eye paint review chelsea candelario
Chelsea Candelario in Vertigo Flowers

Chelsea Candelario, Assistant Editor

Shades Tested: New Karma, Vertigo Flowers, Spectre

“The brand is all about stepping out of your comfort zone, so I had to try a few of their brightest shades in the collection. Run, don’t walk to get these babies. I fell in love with Vertigo Flowers because it made my eyes pop and the hue reminds me so much of summer. And the pigment is no joke. When the brand says to use one swipe of product, you listen, but I don’t mind adding another layer to my lids. I love that I’m able to use my fingers to blend it onto my lids or use the tube’s brush for a more defined cat-eye. I was nervous about how quickly it dried once applied but was surprised that it didn’t feel cakey or stiff on my skin. I said goodbye to matte products a long time ago, but it might be time to bring them back after trying this.”

about face matte fluid eye paint review karelle mckay
Karelle McKay in Dionysus and Blue Monday

Karelle Mckay, Assistant Editor Of News & Entertainment

Shades Tested: La Zona Rosa, It’s Blizz, Blue Monday, Dionysus

“​​I love how pigmented the eyeshadow was! As a Black woman, it can be difficult to find an eyeshadow that’s visible and doesn’t fade into my skin. I also love how you can build up the product and it doesn’t look cakey. So, if I want to add a little bit more (to really make the color pop), I can, and it turns out fabulous!”

about face matte fluid eye paint review kelsey paine
Kelsey Paine wearing Dionysus

Kelsey Paine, Senior Editor Of Branded Content

Shades Tested: Dionysus, Lost Unfound, Infinity, Hidden Garden

“These liquid shadows are extremely pigmented and have great staying power. I wore the Dionysus shade to a baseball game followed by drinks and dinner, and it stayed on the entire night. It also came off easily with the help of a makeup wipe—always a bonus.”

about face matte fluid eye paint review
About Face
  • Value: 18/20
  • Functionality: 17/20
  • Quality: 19/20
  • Aesthetics: 18/20
  • Pigment Factor: 18/20
  • Total: 90/100

The Pros:

All the editors agree that the pigment—regardless of the shade—was the best feature. If you’re looking to be spotted from a mile away, these eye paints are the way to go. With an extensive range of 26 shades, there are so many possibilities to experiment with for your next eye look. “This product is great for acting as a shadow and an eyeliner. I want to add a few more colors to my collection and would definitely wear some of them in my daily makeup look,” says Dubyak.

The applicator made it easy to glide the product onto the lids and the creamy texture of the eye paints themselves made blending a breeze. “The shadow itself swiped on smoothly with no tugging or pulling at my eyelid or lash line. And for someone with sensitive eyes, that makes a huge difference,” shares Paine. Once it dried down, there was little to no transfer and even if you mistakenly rub your eyes, there is a 000.01 percent chance you’ll ruin your makeup.

The Cons:

While the pigment provides a bold pop, some beginners might be a little wary of diving headfirst into the eyeshadows. “I found them a little intimidating at first! I’m a bit of an eye makeup novice and tend to wear the same looks that I feel comfortable in over and over again,” says Paine. Sengwe agrees with Paine’s sentiments stating: “The TikTok girlies are absolutely killing it and I think someone who’s a bit more makeup savvy will definitely get a kick out of these. For simpletons like me, it takes too much finesse.”

Another con is the matte finish makes it difficult to blend the color once it sets. We love adding more color to our lids to really make the shade pop, but there’s really no room for dilly dallying. “The product dries REALLY fast. So if you want to do an eyeliner look with the eyeshadow, you have to use a lot of the product. When I tried doing my cat eye, I had to constantly use the product to draw the entire wing. So that was pretty frustrating,” says McKay.

Briese adds, “It can be hard to be precise with the applicator, and once it's set, it's set—there's not a whole lot of room to tweak it or move it around at that point. You can tweak it a bit while it's still wet, but a lot comes off then.”

Is it Editor-Approved?

Absolutely. If you’re looking to stand out and elevate your eye looks, this liquid eyeshadow is worth the splurge. “I would buy these again. The eyeshadow is very pigmented, it’s easy to apply and feels like good quality makeup. I’d definitely recommend it to a friend,” concludes McKay.

about face matte fluid eye paint review chelsea candelario

Associate Editor, Ultimate Fangirl, Aspiring Beauty Guru

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