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If you’re anything like us, you’ve often wondered how celebrities look so good…all the time. We figured it was just that they shelled out tons money on diamond-flecked creams and stuff. Turns out, it’s way weirder than that. Here, eight of the craziest things famous people do in the name of beauty.

celeb beauty tricks gaga

Lady Gaga Takes Off Her Makeup With Tape

To remover her often outrageous makeup, Gaga uses tape (Sellotape, in particular). Apparently, if you wear as much glitter as Gaga does, a gentle adhesive is kind of necessary to get rid of each and every fleck of sparkle. 

celeb beauty tricks scarjo

Scarlett Johansson Uses Vinegar on her Face

Sure we can get down with apple cider vinegar to clear a cold. But ScarJo has been known to use it in lieu of face soap.

celeb beauty tricks halle berry

Halle Berry's Coffee Regimen

The perpetually young-looking star skips pricey body scrubs in favor of good old fashion coffee grounds to keep her skin looking flawless. To steal her secret, just scrub the grounds on your arms and legs while in the shower for instant exfoliation.

celeb Beauty tricks sandra bullock

Sandra Bullock Swears by Preparation H

America’s sweetheart reduces under-eye puffiness with--wait for it--hemorrhoid cream.

celeb beauty tricks demi moore

Demi Moore Likes Leeches

We already know she’s a fan of strange beauty treatments. But leeches? Yup, the ageless 52-year old uses them to “suck toxins” out of her body.

celeb beauty tricks czj

Catherine Zeta-Jones's Beer Binge

CZJ’s very affordable secret to lustrous locks? Dousing her hair in beer.

celeb Beauty tricks jlo

JLo's Grapefruit Secret

The multi-hyphenate talent allegedly sniffs grapefruit oil to reduce her appetite. If that means looking like her at 45, we’re in.

celeb beauty tricks kim k

Kim Kardashian's Blood Facial

Kim K’s perfect skin doesn’t come cheap--money- or pain-wise. She’s a fan of blood facials, treatments during which her face is pricked with tiny needles full of her own blood. Yikes.

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