The 3 Zodiac Signs with Oldest Child Energy

It’s a mix of maturity and reliability and dab of bossy

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You know how some people just have a natural ability to take the reins in any situation? There’s always that one friend who not only plans the girls’ trip but also makes sure to pack the water bottles and ibuprofen, and pre-books the Lyft home on the big night out. Maybe you’re this person, someone who embodies what’s come to be known as “oldest child energy.” But birth order can’t be the only thing that determines this type of personality. Even I, a perpetual baby of the family, am often the one keeping track of everyone’s dietary restrictions and making sure everyone else is having fun at the party. The astrologer part of my brain got thinking about which zodiac signs embody this characteristic. The perfect mix of maturity and reliability with a subtle touch of bossiness. Here are three zodiac signs who give off the highest level of oldest child energy: guiding, organizing, and occasionally corralling the rest of us rascals with their trusty presence.

1. Gemini (May 21 - June 20)

Perhaps I’m projecting because my own older brother a Gemini and one of my best friends is a Gemini eldest. But it must be said: despite their youthful demeanors, Geminis have a fun loving know-it-all attitude that provides some real oldest child energy. Ask a Gemini a question and oh boy will you get an answer. Worried about a funny mark on your skin? Don’t worry they listened to a podcast about weird skin tags, and you’re fine. Going on a date with someone who’s into synths? They have detailed thoughts on the best moog albums of the ‘70s that will definitely impress your crush. Just don’t ask them to help you make a decision, because that’s where their expertise ends.

2. Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

This one is a no-brainer, right? Common knowledge is that Cancers have “mom” energy, but what if it’s really more of a big sister energy? Cancer is a cardinal sign meaning that they like to invite, initiate and host the party. Cancers are the friend you call when you’re going through it, who won’t bat an eye before inviting you over to convalesce with snacks, wine and blankets on hand. Cancer’s primary goal is to make the people around them feel comfortable and taken care of in the moment. Cancers also hold the people they love to super-high standards. I like to say they’re hard on their enemies and even harder on their friends! Go to them with a problem and you’ll leave well fed and with a plan.

3. Capricorn (December 22 - January 19)

I couldn’t make a list of mature, responsible and bossy zodiac signs without including Capricorn. Speaking from personal experience, I have a Capricorn bestie who is actually the youngest child and yet she is the one giving constant reality checks to everyone else, including her parents. (For the ‘90s kids reading, she’s a real Daria). If Cancer is the older sibling who packs snacks and juice boxes, Capricorn is the older sibling who tells you to get with the program and suffer through it. “It builds character!” is their constant refrain. It’s not that Capricorns enjoy suffering or want you to have a bad time, it’s just that they have the long game in mind, and know that it’s ok to muscle through a moment if it leads to long term gains. They give the best advice about what you need to do now to benefit your future.

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