The 2 Zodiac Signs Who Are Heartbreakers (& One Who Loves Being in Love)

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Relationships are hard work. And while some couples will go to great lengths to make it last forever—going to counseling, planning lavish dates and trying to meet their partner’s every need—others are more than happy to cut ties and move on with their lives. This might have something to do with their sun sign, so find out the two zodiac signs who are heartbreakers and one who loves being in love. 

The Two Zodiac Signs That Are Heartbreakers

 1. Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

No-nonsense Virgo is not one to beat around the bush. This earth sign can be a little too blunt and brash in their delivery, but hey, we love them for their honesty, right? If they expressed their disdain for your tardiness or the fact that you leave your clothes next to the hamper and not inside it, don’t expect them to reiterate the point 100 more times after the first warning. These ultimate perfectionists and neat freaks expect pristine execution immediately or, at the very least, the impression that you’re trying to do better. Once they decide it’s over, there won’t be a long, drawn-out breakup process, and they definitely won’t coddle you. There will be no “it’s not you, it’s me,” to make the blow less painful. They’ll give you their thought-out reasons for breaking up (which are probably written on an extensive pros and cons list somewhere) so there is no confusion as to why they decided to end things. Sure, Virgos love a challenge, but clinging to a relationship that’s no longer working is just not their style. Virgos are all about moving forward.

2. Libra (September 23 – October 21)

These ardent people-pleasers end up breaking hearts not necessarily because of what they did, but because they prolonged the breakup for fear of creating drama. They’re the queens of trying to get everyone to like them, after all. Libras are constantly trying to create balance and making sure everyone is happy, so the idea of getting into an argument over an issue that’s bothering them is not exactly appealing. These air signs would rather distance themselves from the situation and make it so that the other person breaks up with them instead. Expect some unanswered text messages, shorter Facetime calls at night (but they’ll still be on Instagram liking pictures), last-minute cancellations on date nights or flat-out ghosting, just to prevent confrontation.

The One Sign Who Loves Being in Love

Leo (July 23 – August 22)

Prideful Leo needs someone to tell them just how great they are. Who’s better suited to do it than someone who’s head over heels in love with them? They would love nothing better than to cook you a fancy, traditional meal so you can compliment their culinary skills; take you on a bucket-list excursion so you can rave about just how worldly they are; or throw an over-the-top shindig for your birthday filled with all your favorite desserts so you can boast to your friends about how great a listener they are. It’s not all for vanity purposes though. These fire signs (also ruled by the sun) are known to be warm, kind and generous, so they’ll want you to have the best of the best simply because they want to put a smile on your face.

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