Where to Buy Crystals Online (Whether You're Well-Versed or a Total Newbie)

Healing crystals are all the rage in the wellness world right now (though, like a lot of wellness trends (breathwork, Reiki, yoga), healing crystals aren’t exactly new—people have been using them for centuries). And even if you’re not a believer in the medicinal power of semi-precious stones, which are believed to channel energy from the earth, allowing positive, healing vibes to flow through the body, there’s no denying that they’re just darn pretty. Whether you’re a fan of alternative medicine or simply shopping for an eye-pleasing gift, here's where to buy crystals online right now.

Where to Buy Crystals Online at a Glance:

The 6 Essential Healing Crystals For Your Mystical Wellness Arsenal

where to buy crystals peach and pixie
peach and pixie

1. Peach And Pixie

Best for Rough Crystals

This Black women-owned business specializes in crystals and sage; when it comes to the former, the selection is nothing short of dazzling. Head to their Etsy shop to browse page after page of ethically-sourced treasures and, by all means, avail yourself of the helpful search filters—you know, so you don’t have to scroll through all that pretty jewelry when you’ve got the metaphysical on your mind.

where to buy crystals sage goddess
sage goddess

2. Sage Goddess

Biggest Selection

The assortment of crystals on offer at Sage Goddess is so enormous that you’ll either feel like a kid in a mind-candy store. In all seriousness, this site really is a one-stop shop—boasting an inventory that includes gems and minerals, tumbled and polished crystals, jewelry and a whole host of giftable items.

where to buy crystals ren

3. Ren

Best for Jade

Founded with a mission to keep East Asian traditions alive through jewelry, this NYC company makes swoon-worthy, made-to-order works of wearable art featuring opals, freshwater pearls and, most importantly, the finest Burmese jadeite. We’re fans of the hand-carved jade ring pictured above, but you really can’t go wrong with any of the Ren designs.

where to buy crystals bonearrow

4. Bonearrow

Best for Edgy Jewelry

Bonearrow, a brand based across the pond, uses crystals and gems to great effect in its line of modern and edgy jewelry. Come here if you’re in the market for sterling silver earrings, rings and necklaces with pretty stones and plenty of goth appeal.

where to buy crystals seven gems shop
seven gems shop

5. Seven Gems Shop

Best for Budget-Friendly Finds

Seven Gems Shop is a Bay Area-based and Black-owned online store that boasts an extensive selection of crystals, both rough and polished. If you’re looking for a rare collector piece of flourite, a silver obsidian sphere or anything else along those lines, this shop has got you covered—and the staggering number of glowing five star reviews suggests that the goods on offer are of the utmost quality, too.

where to buy crystals house of intuition
house of intuition

6. House Of Intuition

Best for Spiritual Items

Palmstones, power bracelets, raw crystals and carefully curated crystal sets are just a few of the many categories to peruse at House of Intuition, an LA-based store specializing in magical items. Check out the online inventory and you’re guaranteed to find just the right rock.

where to buy crystals energy muse
energy muse

7. Energy Muse

Best for Newbies

Energy Muse sells crystals of every size, shape and description. Browse the selection of meditation touchstones, spheres and harmonizers, and one-of-a-kind crystals, or snag a ready-made workspace crystal kit to imbue your home office with the positive energy it so badly needs. Bottom line: There’s a crystal for every purpose and you can find ‘em all here. (Yep, you can search by intention, too.)

where to buy crystals moonrise crystals
moonrise crystal

8. Moonrise Crystal

Best for Ethically-Sourced Crystals

Healing stones are the name of the game at this Hawaii-based Etsy shop that specializes in finely polished tumbling crystals intended to “facilitate positive transformation.” Best of all, you can rest assured that any stones you buy from Moonrise Crystal were ethically-sourced, so your spiritual journey won’t come at someone else’s expense, and the quality is top-notch. (Check out the reviews and you’ll see what we mean.)

where to buy crystals hartleys crystals
hartley's crystals

9. Hartley’s Crystals

Best Variety

Hartley’s Crystals has all the usual suspects—towers, spheres, polished tumble stones—along with rare finds, like vintage carved crystal skulls and heart-shaped slabs of pink amethyst that are perfect for gifting to the crystal-loving friend in your life. Plus, the mixed crystal bags on offer (pictured above) are an excellent choice for anyone who’s only just starting their semi-precious stone collection.

where to buy crystals happy soul
happy soul

10. Happy Soul

Best for Rare Crystals

Happy Soul is a Toronto-based store with a large selection of crystals in various shapes and sizes. Here you’ll find raw and polished stones, crystal jewelry and even crystal wands. The website also hosts free Zoom workshops on crystal healing and meditation for newcomers in need of education.

where to buy crystals the spirit nectar
the spirit nectar

11. The Spirit Nectar

Best for Giant Crystals

Pendants, palm stones, mixed crystal ‘confetti’ bags and more are available for sale at this Etsy shop. The variety of crystals up for grabs at this store is considerable and happy customers rave about the goods they receive. Best of all, the Spirit Nectar is committed to mindfully sourcing all the minerals they offer, and donates $1 from every sale to charity projects.

where to buy crystals kotah bear
kotah bear

12. Kotah Bear

Best for Native American-Made Jewelry

Kotah Bear specializes in gorgeous handcrafted jewelry made by Native American artisans. The unique pieces feature a variety of stones—including spiny oyster, tiger eye, onyx, malachite, turquoise and opal—and the business donates generously to American Indian Services, a non-profit that provides college scholarships to federally recognized tribe members.

where to buy crystals modern mystic shop
the modern mystic shop

13. The Modern Mystic Shop

Best for Pointed Crystals and Obelisks

The curated crystal collection available at the Modern Mystic online shop features clusters, druzies, polished and tumbled stones, as well as four different crystal sets to choose from. While you’re browsing, be sure to check out their selection of self care products and ritual tools, too.

where to buy crystals crystal cactus
crystal cactus

14. Crystal Cactus

Best for Polished Stones

You’ll find every gem under the sun at Crystal Cactus, an online store that boasts a rainbow-colored array of crystals in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Indeed, the selection here is so extensive and the stones so stunning, there’s a good chance you’ll want to splurge.

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