Once and for All: What Is the Best Zodiac Sign?

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Astrology is not a personality test. It’s an ancient timing system meant to reflect cycles of life on both a personal and collective level. Astrology is about light and how it transfers between celestial bodies. The zodiac signs themselves, though important, mostly tell us what mood that lighting has. As much as I, a professional astrologer, try to tell people that astrology isn’t really “about” signs at all, everyone wants to know who to date, who to avoid, and who wins it all based on their sign. So, is there a way to determine which zodiac sign is the best in a qualitative if not quantitative way? Though it’s potentially irresponsible of me to go on the record saying that one sign beats the rest, there is a clear winner. Here’s why Pisces is the best zodiac sign.

Collage of Pisces celebrities including Drew Barrymore, Rumor Willis and Rihanna.

Pisces Contain Multitudes

As the mutable water sign, Pisces are as deep and mesmerizing as the ocean. This speaks to their emotional depth and ability to hold space for others, as well as their resilience. Pisces are versatile, willing to transform and meet any situation that they’re in. Though some see their kindness as a weakness or their ability to merge with others as a lack of self-awareness, Pisces are ultimately more aware than any other sign that identity transcends what happens here on Earth.

Pisces Is the Home Sign of Jupiter, Planet of Hope and Relief

Though some modern astrologers say Pisces is ruled by nebulous Neptune, the sign of the fish is perfectly aligned with expansive Jupiter. Known as the greater benefic, Jupiter’s rulership is why Pisces are able to hold so much space. Their presence is grounding and relieving to both friends and strangers.

Pisces Is the Exaltation of Venus, planet of love and connection

Every planet has a sign where it is a VIP, and for love planet Venus, that’s Pisces. This explains why Pisces is the sign of universal love, acceptance and hopeless romantics, as well as why everyone else loves Pisces!

Rihanna Is a Pisces

Need I say more? When asked on the red carpet of the 2023 Academy Awards how her voice was doing, the shapeshifting pop princess turned beauty mogul replied, “Beautiful. God given.” Though this was of course cheeky, isn’t this how we all feel about Rihanna and all Pisces? When compassionate and sensitive Pisces are thriving, we’re all thriving. So, in that regard, thinking Pisces is the best sign is really saying that every sign is the best. We’re all one. We all contain multitudes.

Please note, the author is in fact a Pisces.

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