3 Things You Should Never Say to A Scorpio

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For whatever reason (and I have my own theories as an astrologer as to why), Scorpios have a bad reputation. The memes say they’re brooding, secretive and emotionally fervent. But those who really know them are aware that they’re the most loyal and heartfelt sign that there is, always willing to go to bat for their friends. Who cares if they’re a bit intense? What if caring a lot wasn’t always framed as being “too much”? On the flipside though, sometimes it can feel like walking on eggshells around their big hearts. We’re not saying they have a wrath, but to avoid rubbing them the wrong way: here are three things you should never say to a Scorpio.

1. “Why are you so intense?”

Scorpios are the fixed water sign. While Cancer is like a rushing river and Pisces is like a deep ocean, Scorpio is like a still lake. Lakes are formed through retreating glaciers, tectonic shifts and volcanic activity. Which is to say, no lake has ever formed on Earth through a process that is “chill,” and no Scorpio will ever identify with that word. Scorpios are intense because they were quite literally born that way. Asking them this question, especially as someone new in their orbit, will get you immediately placed on the list of someone who will never make the inner circle.

2. “Let’s keep things light.”

As much as Scorpios hate being called out for their emotional protectiveness, or accused of being “too much,” they also bristle when you avoid going deep. It’s not that Scorpios don’t know how to have fun but keeping things at surface level is never satisfying for them. Scorpio energy invokes the playful intimacy of a teenage slumber party: all of your best friends are in one room, and it’s a safe space to break taboos and reveal secrets. Afterwards, you can shake it off with a midnight dip in the pool or viewing of Now and Then. For Scorpios, pleasure comes after catharsis.

3. “I can’t come to your birthday party.”

Scorpios take loyalty extremely seriously so if you tell them something confidential, you know that they’re taking it to their grave. All they ask is that you keep their secrets in return. Also, that you show up to their birthday party. They might seem kind and forgiving about it, but I promise that they will always remember.

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