Your Weekly Horoscopes: March 8 to 14, 2020

There’s a full moon in Virgo on the 9th, and on the same day, Mercury retrograde is finally over (thank goddess!). It’s been a confusing few weeks to say the least, but full moons bring culmination and catharsis, and this one is meant to shed light—literally and figuratively—on a confusing situation. For better or worse, something that was initiated during the first week of February comes to fruition now. What might seem unexpected—a neon nail color, an international job offer, a pregnancy test—was always part of the plan.

(Horoscopes follow for each sign. If you know your rising sign, reading for that will provide further insight.)

11 pisces

It might be time to evaluate your relationship dynamics, dear Pisces. With the full moon on the 9th highlighting your partnership sector, both what’s really working and what really isn’t working becomes crystal clear. This isn’t about what your friends think of your boyfriend or what your coworker thinks of your rapport with your work wife. It’s about how you feel when no one else is watching. Whether this week brings a blowout fight or a honeymoon phase, stay present with yourself.

12 aries

Are you ready to make a difference? This week’s full moon on the 9th is your moment to get involved with a cause you believe in—or at least get back to the gym. This lunation highlights the part of your chart that symbolizes your daily grind: the things you must do to get through the day. Whether it’s making an impact in your community or lifting weights for the sake of your summer arms, it’s time to take action. It’s especially sweet if you can head to the meeting—or that Pilates class—with a friend.

1 taurus

With this week’s full moon on the 9th highlighting your sex and romance sector, it’s certainly time for you to have a little fun. And with Mercury stationing direct, there are definitely going to be some public displays of affection. Yes, you are usually the humble type, but let someone fawn all over you instead. Whether it’s a lovey-dovey Instagram post from your long-term partner or a make-out session at the bar on a second date, you’re worth the attention.

2 gemini

If you take a step back this week, you’ll realize that all the decluttering you’ve done over the past few months has really paid off. What you’ve kept truly sparks joy! At the full moon on the 9th, celebrate by hosting a re-housewarming party with all of your favorite people. Don’t be surprised when your BFF pulls a book off the shelf. Hmmm, isn’t that the one you’ve been meaning to read but forgot you even had? Grab a blanket and cozy up. What’s inside this book is the key to your next spiritual quest.

3 cancer

Do you need to call your sister? This week’s full moon on the 9th finds you solving a problem for her (or for a best friend who feels like a sister). Early in February, she hinted that she might need a loan to fund her trip abroad or for a security deposit on her new lease. She was coy about it then. But this week when she gets in touch, it’s desperate. Of course, giving her a loan depends on your finances and your relationship—speaking of which, does this relationship need a full-stop check-in to discuss Honesty with a capital H? It’s hard to navigate an important relationship when one person might have deeper motives.

4 leo

If you’ve been hesitant to commit to a contract—or a relationship!—this week your heart gives you the green light. At the full moon on the 9th, what really matters becomes clear. And whether it’s extra benefits at your dream job or an out-of-left-field romantic gesture from someone you were ready to write off as a casual lover, suddenly, it’s game on. Wherever this commitment leads you, make sure you’re going where you’re appreciated for all of your strange beauty. Go with those who want more of your unique voice and vision.

5 virgo

It might be Pisces season, but this week is all about celebrating you, Virgo! The full moon on the 9th is in your sign and it’s A-OK to be extra indulgent about self-care. In fact, you may have no choice, because you finally get some answers this week about the cause of a mysterious health issue you’ve been struggling with for the past several weeks. Now that you know what’s up, it’s time to make some difficult (and constructive!) changes to your daily routine. Put yourself first.

6 libra

How can you have fun in isolation, dear Libra? Though you are always the life of the party, this week’s full moon on the 9th highlights your need to retreat and recharge. Skip that acquaintance’s gallery opening or your sister-in-law’s cousin’s friend’s bridal shower and have a night just to yourself. Not with your boyfriend. Not the kids. Just you. If you’ve been feeling uninspired, this is your chance to revive your creativity. Be your own favorite artist.

7 scorpio

All that networking you’ve been doing since last August finally pays off at the full moon on the 9th when an acquaintance pulls through with a huge opportunity. Whether it’s getting set up on a coffee date with a potential fling or a potential boss, you’re being pushed outside of your comfort zone. Don’t limit yourself just because you’re nervous. Go ahead and make that date. You’re bound to make a lasting impression, no matter how it works out in the end. Let yourself shine.

8 sagittarius

Everyone’s blowing up your DMs this week, but it’s definitely for a good reason! The full moon on the 9th is a major moment for your career, and like it or not, you’re in the spotlight. A lead on your dream job or your boss’s green light for a game-changing project arrives via email. Take the news and run with it. Your momentum has arrived. Spend time chatting with all of your coworkers and get them on board with your ideas as well. Follow your passion.


If you’re not departing for a trip abroad at the full moon on the 9th, you are very likely daydreaming about your next grand adventure. Known to be a planner, you have always been very careful with your money. But over the past month or so, you’ve had a change of heart about what’s “worth it.” Suddenly the price tag on that life-coaching class seems totally reasonable, and you no longer need to save those airline miles for a rainy day. Do what makes you happy in *this* moment.

10 aquarius

At the full moon on the 9th, you either get big news about a loan you applied for or things get messy with that credit card debt you’ve been skillful at avoiding. No matter how things play out, you are going to have to quickly reconsider your spending and saving habits. It’s time to change your cash flow. You have the strength to handle any situation that comes your way as long as you’re willing to put in the work. Don’t ignore a problem just because it’s annoying to solve.

Jaime Wright is an astrologer based in New York. You can follow her on Instagram, @jaimeallycewright, or subscribe to her newsletter.



Jaime Wright is an astrologer and writer based in NYC. She has been writing PureWow’s weekly and monthly horoscope columns since 2019, and also authors the cult favorite...