Your March 2020 Horoscopes

While January put us through cosmic boot camp and February left us hanging, March is here to help us clarify the plan and level up. That is, if we’re ready for the challenge.

On the 4th, Venus moves into Taurus, one of the love planet’s home signs. This is the time to have our cake and eat it under a weighted blanket too. On the 9th, there’s both a full moon in Virgo and Mercury stations direct (insert cosmic sigh of relief). Full moons are a time of culmination and catharsis, and with the communication planet finally moving forward again, we’re ready to receive some needed clarity.

Aries season arrives on the 19th (happy birthday to our rams!) with the spring Equinox. And on the 21st, Saturn moves into Aquarius. In Aquarius, the planet of limits and structure gives a firm voice to the progress we’d like to see in the world. Saturn remains in Aquarius through the end of June before briefly retrograding back into Capricorn through the end of 2020. But the next three months are a preview of what’s to come this year.

There’s a new moon in Aries—our most confident sign—on the 24th to remind us that our greatest achievements can start as very tiny ideas. We can do it!

(Horoscopes follow for each sign. If you know your rising sign, reading for that will provide further insight.)

12 aries

As the month begins, work is busier than ever, but your time is best spent at a remove. Through the 19th, while the sun is still in Pisces, try to focus on rest, meditation and staying off your phone as much as possible. On the 8th, you might be in for a particularly spiritual experience if you’re ready for it. But on the 9th, you’re pushed back into reality as the full moon has you taking care of both your own and everyone else’s chores.

The sun moves into your sign on the 19th, and it’s officially your season! This is a time to really focus on your image and self-care. Problems at work reach a stressful climax on the 20th, but by the 23rd, you are able to process what happened. Use what you learned to make changes that benefit everyone. Though things are tense with your colleagues until the 31st, better rapport is on the way next month.

At the new moon on the 24th, spend some time looking through your closet and thinking about the message your style sends to the world. How do you want to be seen? Get yourself the birthday gift of a functional yet stylish pair of shoes or a bag that is 100 percent you.

1 taurus

This month begins on a note of sweetness as Venus glides into your sign on the 4th. This is *the* day to set goals for your beauty and health. On the 8th, you are inspired to revamp your makeup bag with clean and green products. You want to save your face and save the earth. By the 28th, you are teaching your friends about the best natural toners and exfoliants.

The full moon on the 9th highlights your creativity and romance sector. Is it time to get back on the apps? Maybe someone you started dating around the new moon in Virgo last August resurfaces and shows you a good time. Or maybe he doesn’t. Either way, make sure that whatever you do on this day, it makes you happy.

Saturn moves into Aquarius on the 21st, and all of a sudden, things get serious at work or for your public image. Whether you’re getting a promotion, switching industries or just facing the difficulties of your new position, the next few months are about taking yourself seriously as a leader. At the new moon on the 24th, though, take a break from the hustle. Go on a solo trip or make a commitment to meditate.

2 gemini

As March begins, you find yourself reconsidering your role in the workplace. You’re not crazy—your boss is giving you confusing advice. On the 8th especially, be mindful not to follow someone else’s suggestion into the void. Trust your gut. At the full moon on the 9th, though, you are thrilled to spend some time at home. Invite some friends for a Sunday brunch or just watch TV on the couch all day with your boo.

On the 16th, as communication planet Mercury heads back into Pisces, instead of your usual impromptu banter, you’re finding that you need to get more formal about speaking in public. Whether it’s your maid-of-honor speech at your best friend’s wedding or a talk for the interns at work, get creative but stick to the script.

Saturn’s entrance into Aquarius on the 21st is very welcome as all the stress over debt, taxes and other people’s money that has been plaguing you for the past year finally calms down—perhaps with a big tax return? At the new moon on the 24th, take a moment to sit down and consider your RSVPs to upcoming social engagements. Unfortunately, you have too many friends to make it to every birthday party. Choose wisely.

3 cancer

On the 9th, the full moon falls in the part of your chart that represents all the things that surround you: your neighborhood, your oldest friends and also your emails. Did you make a promise to a friend at the new moon last August that needs to be fulfilled now? Use this energy to create a supportive environment.

As Aries season begins on the 19th, your focus shifts to your reputation and public image. And on the 20th, an argument with your business partner or work wife makes you second-guess a joint venture. Don’t throw in the towel, though. By the 23rd, you have reconciled and are ready to face the next phase together. With Saturn’s shift into Aquarius on the 21st, be prepared to think more strategically about money that you’ve borrowed.

At the new moon on the 24th, spend some time in quiet reflection, listing out your personal goals for your career. Not what your mom wants, what your best friend thinks or what your boyfriend wishes, but how do you want to be seen? Six months from now, what will you have accomplished? Write it all down.

4 leo

Whether you’re presenting paintings at a group art show, getting the band back together or just showing off some A+ selfies on Instagram, you’re sharing lots of beauty in public these days. On the 8th, you’re unexpectedly gifted an appointment at the salon. Don’t miss out on the chance to switch up your style.

The full moon on the 9th is all about your money. An expenditure arises out of the blue that would have destroyed your cash flow last year. But because you’ve been saving, you can handle it with grace. This is the moment to upgrade your couch or invest in a new look for the impending wedding season. Buy something that will last.

On the 21st, Saturn enters Aquarius and your partnership sector, welcoming an era of building boundaries in your most intimate relationships. Are you ready to make a big commitment? Is it time to let go of a partnership that just isn’t working? The first test of your current relationships comes on the 31st, so evaluate from there. But first, at the new moon on the 24th, book a vacation or sign up for that French class you’ve wanted to try. Give yourself the gift of new horizons.

5 virgo

You’re feeling very sweet and romantic at the top of the month, dear Virgo. And on the 8th, your partner surprises you with a dream you always fantasized about but never thought in a million years would actually come true. Be sure to take pictures, because it might seem unbelievable even after the fact.

Everything shifts gears a bit the next day on the 9th when a full moon in your sign brings the focus entirely on you. Everyone is noticing your glow. And it’s not just your commitment to hyaluronic acid, it’s your attitude. You’ve done a lot of work since August to shift your mindset and it shows. With Mercury leaving retrograde on the same day, you’re no longer wasting all of your energy on problem solving. Just look out for a possible misunderstanding with your partner around the 16th.

The new moon on the 24th is all about shared resources for you. Are you looking to sign a lease? Buy a house? Renegotiate your car insurance? Use the energy of this lunation to do some research on upcoming financial ventures. You may not have to borrow as much cash as you think you do. Trust that what you need will come.

6 libra

As Venus enters Taurus on the 4th, you get some wonderful news about your tax refund, a personal loan or a farfetched collaborative project. It seems that people really do want to work with you! At the full moon on the 9th, though, you find yourself alone on a self-guided writing or meditation retreat. You’ve long needed this break, so don’t feel guilty about being unavailable. Keep your phone on airplane mode for at least an afternoon.

On the 21st, Saturn enters Aquarius and you finally get some relief from all the trouble that has been brewing in your home and family since December 2017. For the next three months, your mission is to think about the structures you want to bring to your creative or romantic life. Challenge yourself to go on a date or share something close your heart with a new friend by the 31st.

Speaking of romance, the new moon on the 24th falls in your partnership sector. Set aside time to get clear with yourself about what you bring to relationships and what you need. If you’re taken, have a cute dinner with your boo. If you’re single, grab drinks with your BFF. Either way, make sure you talk about all the things you want to accomplish together.


7 scorpio

As Venus enters Taurus on the 4th, you are getting lots of attention from your work spouse...or your real one. You’re getting gourmet lunches prepared at home, your back massaged and fresh flowers at your desk. Later in the month, on the 28th, you find a similar sweetness when you team up with your sister or childhood friend on a project.

The full moon on the 9th is a culmination of all the ways you’ve been putting yourself out there for the past six months. Finally, you are a beloved member of the team, and despite yourself you’ve found that you’re really good at networking. Celebrate by attending a happy hour that actually sounds fun.

As Saturn enters Aquarius on the 21st, you can no longer ignore the need to clean up your house or get real with your family. You’ve been functioning well despite underlying chaos, but it’s time to start building the foundations that you need. At the new moon in Aries on the 24th, start that ritual you’ve long avoided incorporating. Set your alarm 15 minutes earlier, start your day with lemon water or read every night before bed. You flow better when there’s a plan.

8 sagittarius

You are as much a homebody as it gets as the month begins. So much so that on the 8th it’s best for you not to make a single plan. Enjoy the luxury of your couch and absolutely nothing to do. The full moon on the 9th is a huge moment for your career as a project you began last August comes to its fruition. Get some rest while you still can.

On the 20th, you realize that you’ve saved up the money for something you really need way ahead of schedule. The question is, do you go ahead and buy it or do you wait for a sale? Either way, get yourself a little treat for getting the job done. By the 23rd, your sights are already set on new financial goals.

The new moon on the 24th plants the seed for a budding romance or creative project. Pull out your pastels and start sketching. Etch that poem into your Moleskine. Ask that friend you’ve always had a crush on to grab a drink. It’s not a big deal now, but it could be in the future.


You’ve been doing so much work this year to change your image—not for anyone else but for yourself. It’s a lot of effort, but you’re doing it. On the 4th, as Venus moves into Taurus, you are blessed with a respite to have some fun. Plan an adventure for your kids—or for your inner child—on the 8th. Go somewhere unexpected that brings you joy.

At the full moon on the 9th, you are starting a new course of study. And whether it’s a Spanish class at the local bookstore or a Reiki training at the crystal shop downtown, you are finally doing the thing you said you would do back in August. It’s scary to do something like this alone, but remember that it’s your mission after all.

Saturn, your ruling planet, leaves your sign for Aquarius on the 21st and relieves some of the black clouds that have been hanging over the past year. Your assignment until June is to renovate your financial structures—or at least assess what needs rejuvenation. At the new moon on the 24th, get in touch with a family member you haven’t seen in a long time. It’s time to retrace your roots.

10 aquarius

As the month begins, you’re happily spending ample time at home with your family. Whether you’re a new mother enjoying a shift in the rhythms of life or finally getting along with your roommates, do something creative as a family on the 8th. At the full moon on the 9th, your gears shift to business: You’re applying for a loan or filing paperwork to establish that LLC. This is a commitment, so take your time.

On the 21st, Saturn, your ruling planet, makes its grand entrance into your sign. From now until June, you are being tasked with taking better care of your body and health. If, on the 31st, there comes a moment when you have to choose who gets your attention, choose yourself.

As Aries season begins on the 19th, you feel called to spend more time in your own neighborhood. Why go downtown for an adventure when there’s so much to explore within a three-block radius? At the new moon on the 24th, call an old friend who always reminds you of a very specific time in your life. A quick dip into the archives is the refresh you need.

11 pisces

It’s still your season, Pisces! And at the top of the month, you are feeling even more dreamy and fantastical than usual. If you’re not careful, on the 8th, you may follow a feeling too far down the wrong path, so plan something grounding instead—a Reiki session or staying home to roast a chicken.

At the full moon on the 9th, a relationship or freelance contract that has been brewing since last August is finally made or broken. With Mercury stationing direct on the same day, you luckily don’t have to worry about too many details getting lost in translation, but it may feel like a landslide of events. Remember that you have been thinking about this for a long time. Embrace the change. By the 16th, you’re finally able to articulate your thoughts and ideas on the matter.

Aries season begins on the 19th and, at the new moon on the 24th, you’re gently reminded of what’s really valuable. Wear a piece of your grandmother’s costume jewelry. Make your mom’s “famous” salmon. Delight in your own creature comforts. On the 31st, you even find a family heirloom that everyone thought was lost forever. Put it away somewhere safe this time.

Jaime Wright is an astrologer based in New York. You can follow her on Instagram , @jaimeallycewright, or subscribe to her newsletter.



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