Your Weekly Horoscopes: January 24 to 30, 2021

And at this point, I’m sure we’re all asking when can we expect some relief? Or at the very least a little bit of levity? Well, on the 28th there’s a full moon in Leo and though it’s not as buoyant or glamorous as usual—last year’s Leo full moon fell on Oscar night!— why not turn our living rooms into a red carpet gala? Full moons bring culminations, and this one is facing off with optimistic Jupiter and experimental Uranus. The risks we take might be worth the reward. Let’s just be careful about who and what we indulge as Venus also meets up with transformative Pluto on this day, an aspect that can lead to obsessive thoughts and impulsive behavior. Pluto is also about power, though. For example, Beyoncé has Venus conjunct Pluto in her birth chart, so who’s to say there’s nothing beautiful in the underworld?

Mercury retrograde begins on the 30th, and this time the planet of communication is moving backwards in socially conscious and innovative Aquarius. Through February 20th, there will be the usual tech snafus, miscommunications and transportation woes but remember that retrogrades are actually about reviewing, revising and reconnecting. Let’s take a pause before we keep plowing ahead.

(Horoscopes follow for each sign. If you know your rising sign, reading for that will provide further insight.)

10 aquarius

The full moon on the 28th lights up your relationship sector, bringing a culmination to an ongoing drama in one of your partnerships. Maybe you’ve been clashing with your boyfriend about moving in together or maybe your bestie in your mom group reveals that she’s moving across the country to start a new job. Whatever it is, this week’s shakeup is unavoidable. With Mercury retrograde in your sign from the 30th through February 20, it’s wise to take the space you need to show up for yourself. Reconnect with the routines that bring you joy and keep your skin glowing. Love begins with loving yourself.

This week’s mantra: Don’t let yourself down.

11 pisces

With the full moon on the 28th lighting up your health sector, you no longer have an excuse not to work on your New Years’ resolution of prioritizing wellness. Are you taking your vitamins? Going to Zoom Pilates? Stepping away from the scroll for at least an hour per day? You spend a lot of time solving everyone else’s problems but if you’re going to break some of your own bad habits, it’s going to require some schedule adjustments. Mercury retrograde begins on the 30th and further emphasizes this year’s focus on rest and retreat. Only answer calls from those who are genuinely concerned with how you are.

This week’s mantra: Health is wealth.

12 aries

The full moon in Leo on the 28th falls in your pleasure sector and is here to remind you that you’re allowed to have fun. Yes, there’s still so much work to do, but don’t you want to flirt with your crush? Don’t you want to just take a night off and mindlessly watercolor while watching Netflix with your dog in your lap? Taking a quick break isn’t going to result in any missed opportunities, especially when Mercury retrograde begins on the 30th, putting you back in touch with your full Rolodex of friends and professional connections.

This week’s mantra: Take the night off.

1 taurus

Lighting up your home and family sector, the full moon in Leo on the 28th is a not-so-gentle nudge to take a break from the news cycle, write your gratitude lists and be thankful for the grounding tools you have. Once Mercury retrograde begins on the 30th, you’re going to be continuously aggravated with communication issues at work and challenges to your authority. Spend the early part of the week experimenting in the kitchen, watching Netflix on the couch and catching up with family before facing your next battle.

This week’s mantra: Do you know how lucky you are?

2 gemini

Everyone’s trying to get in touch with you this week as the full moon in Leo on the 28th lights up your communication sector. But be cautious about who you let into your world. There’s too much important work ahead to give your time to energy vampires and excessively needy friends. Though your ruling planet, Mercury, goes retrograde on the 30th forcing you to pause and focus on the big picture, the emails, texts and phone calls aren’t going to stop. Though it’s super frustrating, the lesson is to proceed with caution and take things one step at a time.

This week’s mantra: Not everyone is worth your time.

3 cancer

As the wise Cardi B. once said, “I’d rather have money and be broken-hearted than be broke and broken-hearted.” The full moon on the 28th falls in your finance sector and could be an auspicious sign that some cold, hard cash is coming your way. With all the relationship woes you’ve been dealing with as of late, you deserve this windfall, moonchild! Mercury retrograde begins on the 30th and offers a chance for you to review your relationship to shared resources. Whose support can you always rely on? And who’s borrowing from you interest free? Consider how you can both literally and figuratively refinance this week.

This week’s mantra: Time is money.

4 leo

No one puts Leo in the corner, and with this week’s full moon on the 28th in your sign, get ready to glow up! You’ve been feeling the pressure this month with career opportunities coming out of nowhere and relationships that were once casual becoming extremely serious. Let the full moon be a moment to return to yourself, a reminder that you know what you like. Indulge in your favorite meal and treat yourself to some online shopping. Mercury retrograde kicks off on the 30th in your relationship sector so brace yourself to hear from more than a few lovers from the past!

This week’s mantra: Be your own BFF.

5 virgo

Though the full moon in Leo on the 28th has a lot of your friends in a “I’ll take any excuse to get glam for the Zoom meeting” mood, you’re ready to hibernate. So take a nap and take your space. This is a great week to go off on a solo staycation (or even a virtual one) to regroup and get clear on your priorities, especially if you’re a freelancer or entrepreneur! Your ruling planet, Mercury, goes retrograde on the 30th in your daily grind sector, signaling a moment for you to pause and consider if there’s a smarter way to budget your time. You don’t have to burn out to move up.

This week’s mantra: Your body keeps the score.

6 libra

As you learn to trust your inspiration this year, building structures for your creative and romantic life, it’s so important that you have good people on your team. The full moon in Leo on the 28th lights up your friendship and community sector, and though you’d usually be gearing up to throw a party at this time, you can still make connections even under the current restrictions. Mercury retrograde begins on the 30th and has you revisiting a creative idea or romance from the past. Some flings—and projects!—are meant to be left in the archives, but every once in a while, there’s something worth reviving. This might be the one.

This week’s mantra: Look to the past to move forward.

7 scorpio

This week’s full moon in Leo on the 28th brings a cathartic conclusion to an ongoing saga in your professional life. Though this could mean a career breakthrough that keeps you booked and busy, Mercury stations retrograde on the 30th, slowing things down to remind you that there’s still quite a lot of work to do at home. Just because you’re moving at a slower pace, doesn’t mean you’re never going to be able to catch up to your dreams. Keep doing the work of staying grounded and checking in with yourself. You’re not meant to produce as much as a machine.

This week’s mantra: Go at your own pace.

8 sagittarius

You have a lot of work to do in the here and now: with your siblings, your close friends and within your community. Since the start of year, you’ve been feeling like every email, text or friendly wave from a neighbor is just another thing “to be handled.” This week’s full moon on the 28th though is here to remind you of the bigger picture, to get you thinking about what’s to come rather than the struggle of the moment. Mercury retrograde begins on the 30th and is sure to bring up even more scheduling snafus and missed connections. Instead of pushing through the frustration, make a habit of regularly disconnecting instead.

This week’s mantra: Long walks solve most problems.


This week’s full moon on the 28th falls in your shared resources sector and clues you into the benefits—and dangerous pitfalls—of power plays. Let’s be real: You’re someone who finds power intoxicating. And though this often puts you in the good graces of those in charge like your literal boss, or the more popular parents at your kids’ daycare, this lunation leads you to question why you trusted their authority in the first place. Mercury retrograde begins on the 30th and is a great time to revise your budgets and reaffirm your own value. Start by making a list of all of your contributions, both monetary and energetic. You have a lot to give.

This week’s mantra: Trust yourself.

Jaime Wright is an astrologer based in New York. You can follow her on Instagram @jaimeallycewright or subscribe to her newsletter.

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