Your Weekly Horoscopes: January 10 to 16, 2021

Now’s the time for the New Year’s resolutions that will last! The new moon in Capricorn—the practical earth sign that starts from the bottom and works its way slowly but surely to the top—arrives on the 13th giving us a clear opportunity to set intentions and establish #goals for 2021.

This new moon is conjunct Pluto, planet of death, rebirth and transformation. So let’s not be shy about stating what we want and setting a plan of attack. Pluto is ultimately about power, and this lunation wants us to claim ours. We might run into some roadblocks as action planet Mars squares off with rigid Saturn on the same day. And if we’ve been procrastinating, this aspect means we’re brewing a pot of coffee and pulling an all-nighter. This tense energy won’t last for long though so the best thing to do is to keep moving.

Communication planet Mercury also makes some energizing aspects this week to expansive Jupiter and innovative Uranus. This sets us up to try things we’ve never tried and say things we’ve never said. Want to manifest something? Why not write it down or say it out loud! Sometimes, it is that simple! Love planet Venus also makes a lovely connection to radical Uranus on the 13th, which is a moment to forget what we have to lose and shoot our shot. Found in the charts of timeless artistic innovators like Bjork, Neil Gaiman and Jaden Smith, this electrifying aspect also boosts creativity. Finally, with Uranus stationing direct on the 14th after being retrograde since late August, change comes quickly and easily from here on out. Let’s get started!

(Horoscopes follow for each sign. If you know your rising sign, reading for that will provide further insight.)


The new moon on the 13th is in your sign, and you’re feeling like it’s time to make your big debut! Now’s the moment to let everyone see how much you’ve changed and use the opportunity to set goals for your image and self-care. Why not wear that outfit you’ve kept in your closet since last spring for fear of not pulling it off? You have the range! With Mars squaring off with Saturn on the same day, you might also feel like you’re spending too much money or energy on frivolous stuff. Remember that looking and feeling your best can always be a priority.

This week’s mantra: Express yourself!

10 aquarius

With the new moon on the 13th falling in your unconscious sector, take the opportunity to recharge. If you can, take a day away from your email or go for a long walk with your phone on Airplane mode. Though Mars and Saturn are squaring off on the same day and raising some tensions between you and your family, it’s OK to exit the group chat drama to have a moment to catch your breath. You’re meant to do some very important work this year on yourself and your foundation, so rest while you still have the chance. You bought that meditation app for a reason!

This week’s mantra: “No” is a complete sentence.

11 pisces

Time to manifest, sweet Pisces! Though you’ve been feeling a bit out of the loop since your ruling planet Jupiter entered your unconscious sector in late December, you’ve been able to do a lot of thinking while embracing this slower pace of life. The new moon on the 13th is an opportunity to open up and connect with new friends. Though we’re still not able to gather in person, make time for an online meetup or organize that virtual college reunion you’ve been talking about since March. You’re also likely getting very powerful visions in your dreams and during meditations right now. What fantasies are ready to be realities?

This week’s mantra: What’s so crazy about your dreams?

12 aries

It’s time to stop questioning your ability to lead. This week’s new moon on the 13th invites you to set intentions for your career, public life and how you want others to see you. Get dressed in the power suit you haven’t touched since last March if that helps you better state your needs or feel confident about that Zoom meeting with your boss. You might be feeling some tension from coworkers this week ––particularly some side-eyeing over who did and didn’t get an end of year raise. Try to remember that the people you work with are built-in allies rather than hidden enemies.

This week’s mantra: Dress for success!

1 taurus

With chatty Mercury meeting up with Jupiter on the 11th, you’re feeling particularly uninhibited and speaking up about all the things that bother you. The new moon on the 13th should be used to reflect on your beliefs and to consider how you want to model respect. Tensions build with a boss, mentor or parental figure—particularly, your in-laws!—during the second half of the week. And though it’s likely impossible to remain neutral, focus on what brings you together rather than what divides you. Not everything should be read as a power grab!

This week’s mantra: When you speak out, know your audience.

2 gemini

This week begins with you still deep in a research wormhole, finding your bliss at a spiritual retreat or nerding out in an online class. Knowledge is coming to you in massive waves right now so soak up everything you can. Then on the 13th, the new moon is a bit of a wakeup call about some debts you’ve been avoiding paying off. Though even thinking about it causes you a massive amount of stress, there’s no time like now to face your fears and figure out a payment plan. Who knows you could become BFFs with your student loan servicer if you remember to turn on the charm?

This week’s mantra: Teach the skeletons in your closet how to dance!

3 cancer

How’s your love life going, moonchild? This week’s new moon on the 13th falls in your relationship sector and you finally get a chance at a fresh start. If you’re single, write down a list of all the ideal qualities of your perfect partner. You’re not going to manifest that dreamboat unless you know what you want! If you’re attached, you get to hit refresh on your dynamic. What are you trying to build together? Friendships also come into focus this week as you’re able to connect with people you missed throughout 2020. Now’s the time to (at least, virtually) circulate.

This week’s mantra: Love is as overwhelming as it is abundant!

4 leo

2021 is about to bring huge shifts to both your romantic life and your career but first things first: How are you showing up for yourself and for your body? The new moon on the 13th falls in your daily grind sector so use it to reflect on how to build better routines both for your work and for self-care. If you’ve been on the fence about investing in better skincare, doing a 30-day yoga challenge or buying that giant water bottle to remind yourself to hydrate: do it! Your health is a key part of your success! Your partner—or your best friend—likely has some good advice about where you should begin.

This week’s mantra: Taking care is taking control.

5 virgo

The week begins with a stressful day on the 11th when you get a notification about boarding the flight for your honeymoon that you thought was cancelled back in April. Or maybe you were so excited to start an online class, but you forgot to download the readings and now they’re expired. Don’t forget to breathe as you clean up this bureaucratic mess. Thankfully, the new moon on the 13th lets you prioritize fun. Now’s the time to invoke the law of attraction and set intentions about dating, creativity and your kids for 2021! Figure out what you want so you can get what you want.

This week’s mantra: The devil really is in the details.

6 libra

After years of struggling in this area, the new moon on the 13th is a chance for you to renew your relationship to home and family. Whether you’re changing cities, signing a lease or forgiving your sister, this fresh start comes with a sigh of relief and a sense of healing. If money has been a worry as you’ve been attempting to set up the home of your dreams, freelance opportunities or debt forgiveness comes your way as shocking Uranus stations direct in your shared resources sector on the 14th. Don’t take this extra cash flow for granted. Put it to good use!

This week’s mantra: Freedom comes in many forms.

7 scorpio

The new moon on the 13th falls in your communication sector and is a chance to speak up and ask for help as you set intentions for the year ahead. How can you create better boundaries so you don’t feel obligated to check Instagram or refresh Gmail with every breath? With your ruling planet, Mars, squaring off with Saturn on the same day, you’re also feeling tension between your romantic and home life. Maybe you and your partner have been arguing non-stop after almost a year of living and working together 24/7 or your sister is still not over the fact that you spent the holidays with your boyfriend’s parents. This soon shall pass so do what you can to stay grounded.

This week’s mantra: Check in with your support systems.

8 sagittarius

The new moon on the 13th falls in your money and income sector. Set intentions for what you want to earn, but don’t forget to focus on your self-esteem and personal values as well. Money can buy you fresh highlights and that Fenty lip gloss, but it can’t buy you inner-peace. It’s possible for you to increase your worth this year—both literally and metaphorically—if you get real about your goals now. A surprisingly healing phone call with your sister—or a childhood friend—early in the week helps you identify your priorities and get started.

This week’s mantra: Confidence is worth a lot.

Jaime Wright is an astrologer based in New York. You can follow her on Instagram @jaimeallycewright or subscribe to her newsletter.

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