3 New Year’s Resolutions All Couples Should Make for 2022

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You’ve made it through year two of the pandemic as a couple. Considering, well, everything, that’s no small feat. So, cheers to you two! And now, as you turn the page toward 2022, what can you improve on? What can you leave behind? How can you grow or challenge yourselves? Talking about your goals at the end of the year isn’t just a smart way to check in on your relationship, but it’s also a time to set up goalposts and pour the foundation for what’s to come—together and as individuals. Here are the three New Year’s resolutions all couples should try to make. New year, new you us.

1. A Financial Resolution

Money can be one of the hardest topics for a couple to broach—especially if one or both of you is dealing with a financial stressor like credit card debt or loss of work. But it’s also one of the most important aspects of a long-term relationship. Negative financial issues can lead to shame, which in turn can create secrecy, and it’s no surprise the combination of both of these things is a ticking time bomb for any partnership. But the beauty of a new year is the optimism it brings along with it. Use the energy of a fresh start to dig through the muck—together—and prioritize the most important goal for you as a duo. Of course, the financial goal that makes sense for one couple doesn’t work for another. Land on something that improves your life together.

That resolution might look like:

2. A Relationship Resolution

Thanks to vaccines, the world has largely opened back up again, and the cabin fever that came with the 2020 lockdowns has also lifted. The kids were back in school, you adjusted to working from home and your favorite restaurants were taking patrons again, so you and your beau had the chance to have proper date nights. And while 2022 won’t be without its challenges, it’s important to stop and smell the roses and really analyze all the things that work for you. Figure out what your biggest emotional struggles and/or wins were this past year so you can leave them behind or bring them into the new year with you. This resolution should be something that the two of you build together. While 2020 was all about keeping your head above water and 2021 was about getting your footing and adjusting to the new norm, 2022 is about fortifying your roots and perhaps coming up with a game plan for the next couple of years.

A relationship resolution might look like: 

3. A Personal Resolution

Seems counterintuitive to #couplesgoals, but two unhappy individuals does not a happy couple make. In fact, codependency, though it may seem like an inviting and cozy existence, is not healthy for a long-lasting relationship. The term, coined by psychologists to describe a person who relies 100 percent on (typically) their romantic partner to fulfill all of their emotional needs, is not healthy. Remember when your mom told you not to put all your eggs in one basket? The same goes for your self-worth. Being in a strong couple does not mean you can’t be happy on your own. In fact, it’s the opposite. So, for 2022, promise that each of you will work on yourselves! Pick your goals and support each other as you go after them. (That part is key.) Embrace prodependency—a positive partnership where you support each other but don’t solely rely on each other for every single need. As you chase your goal, you should be your partner’s biggest cheerleader chasing theirs.

A personal resolution might look like: 


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