12 Types of Sex Toys (Because You're Curious, but Didn't Want to Ask)

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While people can’t agree on much these days, a good old fashion orgasm is something pretty much anyone can get behind. Luckily, we’re living in the golden age of technology, which has revamped the sexual wellness space in a way we have never witnessed before. While it’s meant to make our lives easier, sometimes technology can evoke confusion and overwhelm. For example, take the “universal remote.” In what universe is that thing easy to use!? From clitoral stimulators and magic wands to dildos and app-controlled vibrators, sex toys can be straight up confusing. Here’s our guide to 12 types of sex toys, just in case you’re curious and didn’t want to ask. (Also note that, yes, this list is NSFW.)

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types of sex toys wand vibrators
Unbound Babes

1. Wand Vibrators

When most people think of a classic vibrator, the iconic image of the Hitachi Original comes to mind. Historically disguised by housewives as a neck or shoulder massager (lol), wands are great for clitoral stimulation and typically have a wide range of vibrations that can speed up to quite a fast pace. If intense stimulation is a guaranteed way for you to get off, a wand is kind of a no brainer. If you’re not sure where to start, we recommend The Ollie from Unbound Babes, a super fun to use, 8-speed glow in the dark wand.

types of sex toys dildos
Adam & Eve

2. Dildos

Shaped like a penis, dildos come in all sorts of size—just like the real thing. What’s especially great about a dildo is that some come slightly curved, which helps to stimulate your g-spot or prostate, depending on how you’re using it. Some are smooth and some have textured ridges which help provide sexual pleasure. We like the Adam & Even Pink Jelly Realistic Dildo. Just remember: Always use lots of lube.

types of sex toys rabbit vibrators

3. Rabbit Vibrators

Rabbit vibrators are a fabulous way to stimulate your clitoris and enjoy penetration at the same time. Sweetly named after the idea that the clitoral stimulator looks like a pair of rabbit ears, it’s considered a classic sex toy, particularly after the infamous Sex & The City episode where Charlotte refuses to leave the apartment once purchasing her own. It’s pretty common to enjoy penetration right after a clitoral climax, and this toy has you covered on that front. With ten vibration modes and an easy to use design, we recommend the best-selling Better Love Rabbit Lily Vibrator available from Ella Paradis.

types of sex toys clitoral vibrators
Ella Paradis

4. Clitoral Vibrators

These sweet little devices pulsate at various speeds to boost blood flow to your clitoris, which will make it pretty likely that you will have a great orgasm. Since clitoral vibrators are directly stimulating the most sensitive area of your body, it’s good to get one with various speeds to warm yourself up. We recommend Better Love’s Better Touch Vibe for a discreet and powerful experience.

types of sex toys penis rings
Adam & Eve

5. Penis Rings

A penis ring (colloquially known as a cock ring) is a silicone ring that fits over the shaft of the penis. It can be worn during hand jobs, blow jobs, masturbation or penetrative sex. Vibrating rings help maintain an erection while stimulating the vagina and clitoris during sex, helping both partners out in their pleasure experience. Pro tips: Be sure to get a size that is comfortable, and remember to be generous with lube when applying the ring. We recommend the Satisfyer Power Ring.

types of sex toys butt plugs
Adam & Eve

6. Butt Plugs

Ok so…here’s the deal with butt plugs: They’re kind of like a starter kit for what is to come (wink wink). Butt plugs typically go in and stay put for a long-lasting feeling of stimulation around the nerves of the anus. They’re a great way to teach your body to accept something in a place where it might not be used to having something entered. With time, these toys can train your sphincter to relax rather than tense up, which can lead to full on anal sex once enough lubrication is involved. It’s important to get a plug with a flared base so that you can maintain a bit of control while using it, like the ones in this Adam & Eve Rechargeable Vibrating Anal Trainer Kit.

types of sex toys strap ons
Adam & Eve

7. Strap Ons

While traditionally considered a sex toy for lesbians, strap ons are more widely being used across the gender spectrum for partnered sex. Whether you’re exploring pegging, looking for a solution to a partner with ED or just having good old-fashioned lesbian sex, these toys quite literally strap onto your body like a real penis, via harness. You can place your favorite dildo in a Regal Queen Harness or get the package deal with Eve’s Strap On Play Set.

types of sex toys finger vibrators

8. Finger Vibrators

Worn around the finger like a ring, these are an awesome way to get to know your own body or your partner’s sensitive areas. Slipping one of these on adds a new element into the mix that can really take a sexual experience to a new level. A finger vibrator can be used literally anywhere on the body, which makes the possibilities endless for pleasure. We like the Satisfyer Teaser from Bellesa or The Finger Pro for a bit more of an intense experience.

types of sex toys clitoral suction toys
Adam & Eve

9. Clitoral Suction Toys

Clitoral-focused toys are becoming a sub-genre of their own in the sex toy world. With tons of variations on the theme, suction toys create a pleasuring tension by sucking the clitoral area in a way that mimics oral sex with speeds you can control. With tons out there on the market, we recommend trying the waterproof Shegasm Sucky Ducky for an amazing solo night in the bath.

types of sex toys nipple clamps
Organic Loven

10. Nipple Clamps

OK, let’s talk about nipples. There are up to 2,00 nerve endings on each nipple, making them a sometimes overlooked but highly potent erogenous zone with tons of potential for pleasure. If you’d like to explore this genre without going all out with clamps, try this amazing T-Cups Nipple Suction Set for an amazing beginners experience.

types of sex toys sex swings

11. Sex Swings

If you’re feeling up for an adventure, a sex swing is a playful way to explore a full range of motion in partnered sex. The partner standing on solid ground has more access to their swinging partner’s body and can try out some new moves that a bed or couch can’t provide the space for. There is an element of bondage happening as well for the bound partner, so that can be incredibly exciting if it’s something you’re curious about. The experience can be very liberating for both partners, because once there’s a swing involved, you kinda just have to let go and have fun. Try the Purple Reins Sex Sling.

types of sex toys wireless panty sets

12. Wireless Panty Sets

Vibrating panties are an amazing way for you and/or your partner to get off in public discreetly. Typically sold with a remote, a small but powerful bullet vibrator fits in the perfect place to bring you to climax. It’s an amazing choice for anyone who gets turned on by the idea of having sex in public, but isn’t in the mood to receive a ticket for public indecency. Try the Hidden Pleasure Wireless Panties to feel like a low-key badass and to have a fun story to tell at your next ladies’ night.

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