Your Weekly Horoscope: September 5 to September 11

This week brings a revitalizing new moon in reliable earth sign Virgo on the 6th. On the very same day, we have three other exact aspects in the mix, so this new moon is a pretty big deal. Mars makes a supportive trine to Pluto digging up some uncomfortable yet necessary truths. Venus makes a lovely trine to Jupiter bringing optimism to the forefront; and the sun trines innovative Uranus breaking our usual routine and inviting a fresh perspective. Change is awkward. We can’t move ahead without acknowledging our mistakes from the past but that doesn’t mean we can’t also try to fix them.

Also on tap this week? Love planet Venus squares off with life-changing Pluto on the 5th, before moving into Scorpio on the 10th. Venus square Pluto is an aspect of major relationship transformation and healing wounds—so of course this configuration can be found in the chart of resilient queen, Britney Spears! Venus’s transit through Scorpio (until October 7th) has us all focused on the inherent value of deep connection and intimacy. If we can’t get real, then what’s the point?

(Horoscopes follow for each sign. If you know your rising sign, reading for that sign too will provide further insight.)

12 aries

Major shifts are on the horizon for your work life, Aries. Not just big-picture career stuff but also approaches to your daily grind. No one doubts that you’re a hard worker but on your quest to be recognized, have you lost your passion? The new moon on the 6th offers you a moment of contemplation to redistribute your time and energy. What’s the first thing that you can take off your plate?

This week’s mantra: Sometimes doing everything is actually doing nothing.

1 taurus

For the last few years, you’ve been on a quest to stabilize not just your professional life but your worldview as well. Integrity has been your top priority and you’ve found so much success in living a more authentic life. But the new moon on the 6th asks you to return to a place where no one else is watching, to tap into your deepest desires, to make art again! How can you incorporate more joy into your daily routine?

This week’s mantra: Let love be the guide.

2 gemini

The new moon on the 6th brings closure to an ongoing situation at home or with your family. If only for a moment, you’re allowed to take a break and bask in some privacy. The solution to this situation comes in an unexpected way (who knew your difficult roommate would simply pack her bags and move out?) reminding you that it’s in your nature to lean into the ease of things. Venus moves into Scorpio and your daily grind sector on the 10th, encouraging you to find time for what you love every single day.

This week’s mantra: Things can be easy.

3 cancer

The new moon on the 6th throws a wrench into your best-laid plans. While trying to escape your fortress of WFH solitude, you discover that your favorite coffee shop with outdoor seating has gone out of business for good. It’s always a bit devastating (especially for a sensitive soul like you) to lose a familiar safe haven, but if you keep wandering around the neighborhood, you’ll discover your new special spot. Venus enters your pleasure sector on the 10th, so get ready for a month of romance and creativity.

This week’s mantra: Keep wandering.

4 leo

Are you surrounding yourself with the things that bring you joy? Or are you caught under a pile of clutter and stress? The new moon on the 6th invites you to clean your house, donate those old clothes to charity and buy yourself a brand new Vitamix for your morning smoothie. You deserve ease and delight. The more you trust your own inherent value, the more you will attract opportunities that reflect your worth. Go ahead and say yes to that enticing offer.

This week’s mantra: Attention creates value.

5 virgo

The new moon on the 6th is in your sign, Virgo, so don’t miss the opportunity to upgrade your lifestyle. You spend so much time hustling and looking out for everyone else’s needs that often you forget what your own priorities really are. Do you need to look for a new job or are all your friends just on the hunt? Do you want to dye your hair, or does it just seem like everyone on Instagram is? Indulge in something luxurious that’s a true reflection of you, not anybody else.

This week’s mantra: Authenticity creates vitality.

6 libra

This week’s new moon on the 6th is an invitation to walk a more spiritual path and engage with the numinous. Set up an altar, practice a ritual or simply find five extra minutes in the morning for quiet contemplation and meditation. The pressure is going to be on once your season begins in a couple of weeks so for now enjoy the quiet before the storm. Notice the rustling of the wind and the graceful beauty of nature all around you.

This week’s mantra: Stillness is the move.

7 scorpio

This week’s new moon on the 11th highlights your friendship sector and pushes you to get back in touch with the people who inspire you to chase your dreams. As you’re currently dealing with upheavals at home and at work, it’s important to have supportive people around you to reflect on your experience and cheer you on! Venus moves into your sign on the 10th opening up a month of focusing on what makes you feel good.

This week’s mantra: Friends are forever.

8 sagittarius

Your voice as a leader is so powerful and so necessary. This week’s new moon on the 6th pushes you to take up more space as an authority and to turn your connections into community. With Venus moving into your unconscious sector on the 10th, it’s also important for you to find value and pleasure in privacy. Work hard during the day but relax even harder in the evening. Getting away doesn’t have to be complicated. All you need is a glass of wine and your favorite book.

This week’s mantra: Too much rest to be stressed.


The new moon on the 6th gives you an opportunity to pursue your curiosities wholeheartedly. Whether you’re planning a major cross-country move, preparing for grad school or diving back into a daily yoga practice, the time and resources you need to commit are finally on hand. The work you’re doing now could eventually become a major part of your career or public image. But for now, the quest for knowledge itself is the only goal.

This week’s mantra: Go forth and learn!

10 aquarius

This week’s new moon in Virgo on the 6th is an opportunity for collaboration! Whether you’re buckling down to plan your wedding, launching a business or seeking out new clients, you’re refreshed by joining forces and letting other people into your world. Then sweet Venus enters Scorpio and your career sector on the 10th further emphasizing the need for you to lead diplomatically. Caring for yourself and your favorite people is what’s most important.

This week’s mantra: Lead from the heart.

11 pisces

If you’ve been thinking about taking a casual relationship to the next level—or just renewing your vows with a longtime love—the new moon on the 6th is a green light. Relationships aren’t just about what happens between the two of you though. They’re about incorporating each other into your daily life, including both the wonderful and the mundane. It’s a holistic endeavor! Celebrate this next step by taking your love out to meet a new-to-them group of your friends. Integrate with care.

This week’s mantra: All the parts create the whole.

Jaime Wright is an astrologer based in New York. You can subscribe to her newsletter for more musings on the stars.



Jaime Wright is an astrologer and writer based in NYC. She has been writing PureWow’s weekly and monthly horoscope columns since 2019, and also authors the cult favorite...