Vinotherapy Is Trending (but Is It Actually Good for You?)

woman with wine glass in bathtub vinotherapy

Two things we love: self-care and wine. So when we heard about a wellness practice that combines both, we were intrigued, to say the least. Introducing vinotherapy, the buzzy treatment you’re about to see all over your feed.

What is it? In short, vinotherapy is a practice in which wine by-products (like grape seeds, skin and stems) are rubbed onto skin in order to heal and invigorate the body. You can also straight-up bathe in wine, which sounds a lot like a dream we once had (although we’re pretty sure that one involved Idris Elba, too).

And what are the benefits? Proponents say that the antioxidants in grapes fight free radicals and boost cell renewal and collagen, leaving you with silky, younger-looking skin and improved circulation. And while there’s plenty of research on the health benefits of wine (like living longer and losing weight), there’s little evidence that we can actually absorb these good-for-you compounds through the skin. So, you know, take your wine bath with a grain of salt.

Interesting. How do I try it? More and more spas are getting in on the vinotherapy trend (here are some of our favorites), but you can also give the treatment a go at home with some wine-infused beauty products like Caudalie Premier Cru Serum and Harvest Crush Syrah Wine Bar Soap.

Anything else? Don’t try to dump a couple of bottles of Cabernet into your tub—you want the wine residue, not the alcohol itself (which could dry out your skin). Also, it’s a huge pain to remove wine stains from bathtub grout. (Don’t ask us how we know that.)

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