Venus Williams Is Hosting Daily Workout Demos on Instagram, Like the Goddess She Is

Even though we can no longer get to our regular pilates classes, running group sessions or tennis lessons, it fees like a new online workout becomes available to us every single day. But the latest addition to the digital demonstration line up might just be one of our favorites yet. Beginning today, March 25, Venus Williams will be hosting daily mid-day workout demos on Instagram live to lift our spirits and get us in fighting shape for Wimbledon whenever we can once again enter the Red Room at Barry's.

venus williams instagram workout demos

Don't worry if you're not a world-class athlete or international tennis star; Williams's daily fitness break is geared toward all fitness levels and will focus on how to perfectly execute one move at a time using things you have around this house in place of any fancy gym equipment (think bottles of water or wine instead of dumbbells and a kitchen chair in place of a workout bench). For instance, today's workout focused on arms including bicep curls, squats with a shoulder press and tricep lifts with gallon water jugs, all of which could be done in a cramped living room or a spacious home gym.

Of course, another reason to love these live fitness breaks to get a little peek into the mind (and backyard) of one of our favorite athletes. For instance, did you know she recently had to quit playing video games because she injured her hands gripping the controller too tightly? We guess it shouldn't come a surprise that her intense athleticism would transfer over to Mortal Combat, too. Oh, and if you're wondering where Williams's adorable workout set is from, she actually designed it herself as part of her fashion fitness brand EleVen.

Williams will be recording a new live video every day at noon EST/9 a.m PST from her Instagram, @venuswilliams so set a calendar reminder, grab those bottles of champagne and get ready to sneak in a quick pro-level workout.



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