7 TikTok Workout Videos to Try at Home

Most people go to TikTok for viral coffee recipes, difficult-to-impossible dances and fun challenges like ‘Flip the Switch.’ But did you know it’s actually a great place to find workouts? From a full-body circuit to a stretch routine for splits, here are seven of our favorite fitness videos on the app.

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1. Apartment-friendly Cardio With @blogilates

So you want to get a cardio session in but you don’t want your downstairs neighbors to hate you. This apartment-friendly workout from Blogilates (one of our go-to YouTube channels) is ideal for working your entire body without making too much noise. Expect exercises like air squats, plie punches and more.

2. Fully Body With @katieyovin

If you’re not looking to target a specific spot, but instead work your whole body, try this full-body circuit, which includes heart pumping cardio like mountain climbers alongside toning moves like squat walk ups. (Note that this one does include some jumping, so it’s not the most apartment-friendly.)

3. Glutes With @nellyfitnez

We know that we could build up our glutes by doing thousands of squats, but that’s kind of boring. This workout targets your butt and thighs with four simple (but more varied than just squats) moves: leg lifts, cross leg lifts, standing leg raises and jump squats. You can also add a resistance band if you’re feeling particularly strong and motivated.

4. Abs With @addiehebert

This simple yet effective abs circuit has 3.8 million likes for a reason—you can do it pretty much anywhere, it requires zero equipment and the moves are so straightforward (think: Russian twists and bicycle crunches) that you don’t need a degree in exercise physiology to do them correctly.

5. Arms With @marissacpt

Think you can’t get a good arm workout without a thousand different dumbbell options? Think again. This at-home circuit from a certified personal trainer uses jugs of water in place of fancy weights (you could also use bottles of booze if you don’t have any bottled water hanging around). Target your triceps, biceps and shoulders without leaving your living room.

6. Dance Cardio With @katja.believe

Calling all Zumba fanatics. This dance-y workout is—dare we say—fun? Although the captions are in German, it’s way easy to follow along with what you should be doing.

7. Flexibility For Splits With @theashleyjade

OK, maybe your end goal isn’t to be able to do a split (though it would a fun party trick). Even so, we could all use a little more flexibility in our lives, and this video, which includes moves like a pigeon pose and three-legged down dogs, will have you feeling more limber in no time—even if a split isn’t in the cards for you.

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