30 Things You Need to Get Rid of in 2019

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We’re not one to fall for the whole “new year, new you” concept. But this time of year does provide a good opportunity to look back at what has made us happy over the last few months and what things aren’t really working. And fortunately, there’s no need to totally overhaul your life to enjoy more feelings of joy, calmness and productivity. Here, 30 totally achievable things to get rid of this year.

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Bridesmaid Dresses

We get it—you paid a small fortune for that seafoam green number. But despite what your best friend said, you are never actually going to wear it again. Donate or re-sell.

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Pens That Don’t Work

Why, oh why, are these still cluttering up your desk? Invest in some stylish new ones instead.

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Checking Your Phone Right Before Bed...

… And as soon as you wake up. Trust us, you’ll sleep so much better after kicking this habit to the curb. (And you’re definitely not missing anything.)

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Miscellaneous Plugs and Chargers

There is zero reason to be holding on to your phone charger from six years ago. Going forward, label all your wires or use washi tape to keep track of what’s what.

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Your DVR List

Seeing that never-ending list of Modern Family episodes pile up is surprisingly stressful. Watch them or delete.

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Old Sunscreen

Turns out that sunblock actually deteriorates over time, meaning that what you thought was protecting you from wrinkles and melanoma could actually be doing nothing at all. Play it safe and invest in a new bottle—here are five that are super lightweight.

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Stretched Out Hair Ties

They damage your locks and barely work. Invest in a hair ring instead.

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Takeout Menus

These days, every delivery joint worth its salt has a menu online.

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Baby Clothes

Ninety-nine percent sure you’re done having kids? Save a few of the cutest pieces and donate the rest to a family in need.

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Your Mattress

If it’s more than seven years old, that is. Here’s how to pick a new one in five easy steps.  

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Leftovers in the Freezer

You made those meatballs how long ago? Here's how long your food really lasts in the freezer.

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Old Birthday Cards

Keep the ones with sentimental value and get rid of the rest.

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Tupperware Without Lids

Free up that precious real estate in your kitchen and get on with your life.

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Your Instagram Addiction

Look, we love the ’Gram, too. But if you’re spending more time taking the perfect photo of your meal than actually enjoying your food, then it may be time for a smartphone restaurant ban.

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You’re allowed to keep one nostalgic Alanis album. That’s it.

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Threadbare Towels

Donate them to an animal shelter who can use them for bedding.

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The Snooze Button

Those extra minutes in bed can actually leave you feeling more tired, not less.

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Plastic Bags

Sure, keep a few of them for the bathroom trash can or walking the dog, but take the remaining 3,000 to the recycling center.

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Expired Medication

Just check the FDA’s guidelines before tossing.

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Yep, even the diet kind. Give it up this year and your teeth will thank you later. Oh, and you might even live longer.

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Old Costumes

Are you really going to dress up as Lara Croft again? Next.

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Expired Pantry Items

Go through your canned goods, spices and baking supplies and toss anything that’s beyond safe consumption.  

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Phone Numbers You Don’t Recognize

Like “Amy’s friend John” or “Lady from grocery store.”

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College Textbooks

You will never, ever use them.

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Old Bedsheets

Like towels, most animal shelters will happily accept these.

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Eyeglasses with the Wrong Prescription

Donate them to someone who needs them.

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Dead Batteries

Don’t tell us we’re the only ones with a drawer of these.

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Old Makeup

Using expired products can lead to breakouts and infections. Here’s a handy guide for how long your makeup really lasts.

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Junk from Underneath Your Bed

It’s terrible for your bedroom’s feng shui. Spend just five minutes each night putting clothes and papers away. Voilà: Instant zen.

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