50 New Year’s Resolutions Actually Worth Making

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Lose 20 pounds, make a million dollars, blah, blah. This year, skip the lofty resolutions that you’ll never be able to keep and focus on smaller, more attainable goals instead. Here, 50 New Year’s resolutions that you totally can—and should—make.  

woman stretching on yoga mat


Start Your Day with a Really Good Stretch

It’ll help your balance, relieve stiff muscles and reduce stress. Oh, and it feels ah-mazing.

bowl of healthy green salad


Eat One Green Thing at Every Meal

Starting every day with a homemade veggie smoothie is seriously ambitious. But adding a few leaves/cucumber slices/sprigs of parsley to every dish? Totally doable.

s well bottle


Start Using Reusable Coffee Mugs

Ditch the disposable cups and invest in a super-cool travel mug. It’s better for the environment and your wallet.

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Learn a Really Good Joke

Having one hilarious gag that you can always fall back on is a must-have life skill. (Just make sure that it’s work and grandparent-appropriate.)

infused water with cucumber lemon and mint


Drink More Water

You know you should. And here are seven tricks to help you do it.

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Buy a Stack of Cards

Stock up on birthday cards, thank-you cards and generic, multipurpose cards to whip out whenever you to send a note. (And buy some forever stamps, while you’re at it.)

woman meditating in nature
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Start Meditating

Even if it’s just for a few minutes every week. Can’t seem to quiet your mind? That’s part of the practice—just bring your thoughts back to the breath and try again.

holding wallet and dollar bills


Keep $10 in Your Wallet at All Times

Because those ATM fees are killer.

daughter embracing mother sitting on sofa
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Call Your Grandma More Often

Sick of hearing questions about your love life? Send her a nice, handwritten letter instead.

girl reading fashion magazine on the bed


Only Buy Magazines That You’ll Actually Read

Hey, there’s no shame in grabbing a celebrity gossip magazine instead of The New Yorker.

woman using smartphone


Clean Out Your Phone

Next time you’re stuck in a long line, give your phone a good clear out—delete apps you don’t use and go through your photo library to get rid of duplicates.

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Leave Work on Time

And make it official by telling your coworkers you leave at 5:30 every day. No ifs, ands or buts.

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Reach Out to an Old Friend

And reminisce about the good old days.

woman making to do list on diary
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Stop Doing One Thing

Sick of making plans with your friend who always flakes? Book club stopped being fun six months ago? Time to say goodbye and move on.  

woman washing her face at the bathroom sink
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Take Your Makeup Off Before Bed Every Night

Keep a pack of cleansing wipes on your nightstand for when you’re too tired to make it to the bathroom.

woman sleeping in bed at home
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Get at Least 7 Hours of Sleep Each Night

Doctor’s orders. Set a bedtime and stick to it.

phone sitting on nightstand
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Stop Looking at Your Phone 30 Minutes Before Bed

Better yet, invest in a real alarm clock (oh hey, remember those?) and charge your phone in another room overnight.

woman using laptop and drinking coffee


Find a Mentor

Landing your dream job takes time, hard work and knowing the right people. Start by expanding your professional network and find someone who can help you get there.

two friends hugging outside


Forgive Someone That You’re Holding a Grudge Against

All that resentment is energy better spent.

woman sitting on bench in nature


Go on a Trip This Year That’s Just for You

Not to visit your parents or because it’s your friend’s wedding.

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Spend 10 Minutes a Day Clearing Clutter

A pretty low-lift way to stay on top of those piles of toys and stacks of unpaid bills.

woman paying for her shopping


Take a Specific Step Toward Improving Your Finances

Maybe you negotiate the cost of your cable bill or raise your credit score or finally ask for that pay rise. Whatever it is, make this the year to increase your wealth.

vase with flowers and a cat in the bedroom


Buy Flowers

Not every day (you’re trying to get your finances in check, remember?) but every now and then, perk up your home or office with some fresh blooms.

friends eating dinner out at restaurant
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Go Out for a Meal and (Gasp) Leave Your Phone at Home

Remember when you could eat out without taking a photo of your food/texting your friends/scrolling through Instagram? Yeah, us neither.

woman sitting on sofa clicking through tv channels
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Make a Pact to Never Watch Crappy TV

With so many amazing shows and movies to stream, there’s really no reason to watch anything less than amazing. (Looking at you, Real Mob Wives of Tulsa.)

woman an her annual doctor checkup
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Get an Annual Checkup

And here’s a handy cheat sheet for what to ask while you’re there.

young woman listening to music and dancing in kitchen
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Get Your Heart Pumping for at Least 10 Minutes Every Day

It doesn’t matter how you do it, just do it. (We recommend dancing around the living room or doing a walking meeting instead of a sitting one.)

couple fighting


Ban the Silent Treatment from Your Relationship

Squabbles with loved ones are inevitable but there’s a good way to argue and a bad way. Spoiler: Going silent doesn’t solve anything.

confident woman standing outside on a balcony
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Pick a Mantra

Find an empowering statement that resonates with you and repeat it throughout the week whenever you need a motivational boost. We like: “You have the same amount of hours in a day as Beyoncé.”

woman holding a burning cigarette by ashtray
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Give Up Smoking

Yes, even when you’re tipsy.

clean and organized wardrobe


Purge Your Closet

Are you ever really going to wear that plaid miniskirt from college again or that shirt with the grease stain? No. Toss or donate.  

girl working on computer by window



Opt out from any subscriptions that you don’t want anymore (or never even signed up for in the first place). Try an app like Truebill to help you out.

woman trying to cook a new recipe
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Try One New Recipe per Month

Put those dusty cookbooks on the bookshelf to good use. Or get inspired by some of these tasty (and not at all difficult) recipes.

chopping up lots of healthy vegetables


Challenge Yourself to Try Meatless Mondays

Better for the environment, your health and your bank account.

enjoying glass of red wine outside


Stop Drinking Bad Wine

Because you’re too old for hangovers and there are way too many amazing budget-friendly options available.

signing an important document
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Draft a Will

It’s not fun to think about, but sorting out a will, power of attorney and letter of instruction will give you peace of mind. Here are three surprising things you’re probably forgetting to put in your will.

smiling woman cycling around the city
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Shake Up Your Usual Route

Doing the same old, same old is boring. Try a new way to get to work or the grocery store and explore a different part of the neighborhood.  

couple working together to build home for charity
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Volunteer Once a Month

You’ll help someone in need and feel great in the process. It’s a win-win.

couple holding hands and walking around outside in the rain


Be Five Times Nicer

According to researchers, the difference between happy and unhappy relationships comes down to the ratio of positive to negative interactions, namely five to one.

young woman applying cream to her body
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Use Sunscreen

But, like, really.

dark chocolate squares


Swap Milk Chocolate for Dark Chocolate

It’s full of antioxidants, proven to boost your mood and tastes delicious.

smiling woman talking on the phone


Call a Friend

Pick up the phone and have an actual conversation, instead of texting back and forth for 50 minutes.

female holding a christmas present or gift with a bow on it


Stop Keeping Score

So what if you always give your brother a way a more expensive gift? And who cares whose turn it is to host dinner? Bottom line: Everyone’s doing the best they can. Stop keeping track.

woman relaxing on massage table
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Get a Massage

It feels so good plus has been proven to reduce stress. Don’t want to spend the money? Massage yourself with household objects.

female colleague giving presentation in the boardroom
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Set a Specific “Speak Up at Work” Goal

Share an idea you’ve had for ages with a colleague, ask one question during the monthly presentation or send your boss a follow-up note to a meeting. Make it a point to make your voice heard.

woman is using dental floss in mirror
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Floss Every Day

Boring, yes. But just imagine how happy your dentist will be.

woman with bangs walking around outside
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Try Out a New Look

Why not get bangs, work embroidered pieces into your wardrobe or try metallic makeup? Just have fun.

young woman using smartwatch at a cafe
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Build 10 Extra Minutes into Getting Places

Think of how much more relaxed you’ll feel if you rock up to your work meeting or dinner with the in-laws five minutes early. (And um, how much less annoyed others will feel.)

woman reading a book on her kindle on subway
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Read One New Book Every Month

Load up your Kindle so you've got something to do instead of Candy Crush.

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Cut Yourself Some Slack

The most important New Year’s resolution of all—be kind to yourself (and others).

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