A Down-and-Dirty Script for Negotiating the Cost of Your Cable Bill

There are some services you have to pay face value for (airfare, tickets to Hamilton) and others that are up for negotiation (like the cost of cable…ouch). Still, the success rate for savings increases dramatically if you are prepped with what to say. That’s why we put together the following script to help you maximize your cash.

How to prep: Before you call, peep your cable provider’s website to find out the absolute lowest rate on the table. (Having this info in your back pocket to reference gives you extra bargaining power.) Next, call your provider and ask to speak with the cancellations department. (They have the most pricing flexibility, FYI.)

What to say: “Hello! I’m considering cancelling my cable service unless I can lock down a better deal. What options do you have available?” [Note: If they don’t come back with a better offer, now’s the time to reference other rates.] “According to my research, you’re offering a new subscriber deal that costs X. I’ve never missed a payment and have been a devoted customer all this time. What can you do to sweeten my deal?” [This is when they should start offering opportunities to cut costs—for example, free HBO for six months or a $10 per month reduction on your bill—as long as you hold firm.]

Keep in mind: If you don’t get the deal you’re looking for, try calling back the next day. In most cases, it comes down to the representative who answers the phone—and how helpful he or she is willing to be.

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