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By now we probably don’t have to tell you how important it is to stay hydrated, like, always. But, like choosing a book over Netflix and only having one glass of wine, drinking lots of H20 is often easier said than done. Here are seven tricks to make sure you’re sipping enough.

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how to drink more water morning

Make It Part of Your Morning Routine

Having a glass of water as soon as you wake up is great for a host of reasons (including boosting your immune system and metabolism), but it also sets you up for a day of top-notch hydration. Before, or—fine—while you make your first cup of coffee or tea, have a glass or bottle on hand to start the day off right.

how to drink more water goals

Set a Specific Goal

Being deliberate about what you want to accomplish makes you way more likely to actually accomplish it. Instead of saying, “I’m going to drink more water,” think about how much you’re currently drinking and come up with an exact number of ounces (or bottles) that you’d like to get to. The Mayo Clinic suggests the average woman drink around 2.7 liters of fluid per day, so maybe start there.

how to drink more water bottle

Buy a Pretty Bottle

Superficial? Yes. Effective? You bet. Buy a bottle you’re happy to drink from and you’ll use it more often—simple as that. Some of our favorite brands are S’well, BKR and Klean Kanteen. Some of them are on the pricier side, but once you start using it all day, every day, it basically pays for itself.

how to drink more water food

Eat Water-Filled Foods

Cucumbers, grapefruit and watermelon aren’t only delicious snacks—they can also help keep you hydrated throughout the day. We’re not saying you should count solely on food for hydration, but it’s a great way to sneak some extra water into your system.

how to drink more water app

Use an App to Track Your Progress

We use apps for almost everything, so why should staying hydrated be an exception? Apps like Waterlogged (for iPhones) and Hydro Coach (for Android) make it easy to stay on track with your water-drinking goals.

how to drink more water alarm

Set an Alarm on Your Phone

At first, your coworkers might be annoyed by the alarm that goes off on your phone every hour on the hour signaling it’s time to hydrate. Before long, though, your body will get used to the schedule and you’ll be able to ditch the blaring reminder altogether.

how to drink more water infused

Make Water More Enticing with Flavor

Some people genuinely like drinking water. Others, not so much. If you’re in the latter camp, try spicing your bottle up with natural flavors. Fruits, veggies and herbs are all great options for adding a little oomph to your H20 without adding tons of calories or sugar. Lemon-and-basil water, anyone? 

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