11 Things to Do with Your Best Friend This Year

You love spending time with your best gal pal, but between work, family and other commitments, making time for each other seems to get harder and harder as you get older. This year, make a point to strengthen your friendship by checking items off the BFF bucket list below.  

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Go on a Trip
In a perfect world we’d plan a bestie trip to Europe or Mexico. But if a weeklong jaunt is out of the question, a touristy day in your own city will more than suffice. 

Volunteer Together 
Find a soup kitchen or other charity in your area and lend a hand. You’ll feel great doing it and can absolutely toast your philanthropic spirit with a glass of wine afterward. 

Start a 2-Person Article Club  
Book clubs are great, but article clubs (where you read and discuss longform articles) are an even better option for a couple of pals who want to swap thoughts without the hassle of wrangling 12 busy women every month. 

friend bucket list brunch

Have a 3-Hour Brunch 
A long, meandering catch-up sesh is approximately 30 times better over eggs Benedict and a mimosa…or three. 

Binge-Watch a TV Series Together 
If you live in the same city, watch it on one of your couches. If you don’t, check in between episodes via text. 

Talk Her Off a Ledge
Whether it's convincing her that her child's not a psychopath or giving her the courage to finally quit her job.

friend bucket list makeup

Get Each Other Ready for a Night Out
Copy the makeover shows you used to watch together and finally make her try out that bold lip you know will look so gorgeous.

Try a New Workout
Because let’s be honest: There’s no way you’re trying that Latin dance cardio class without having someone to laugh with when you discover you have less rhythm than a toddler. 

Celebrate Your Friendaversary
Whether you guys came into each other’s lives later in life or you’ve been kicking it since preschool, commemorate your love with a day dedicated to doing your favorite things. 

Buy Grown-Up Friendship Bracelets 
Remember those plastic beaded bracelets you made at camp? Jewelry designer Monica Vinader takes that idea and makes it way chicer and adult-appropriate.  

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